Email Marketing: A World Full Of Possibilities

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Email Marketing: A World Full Of Possibilities

Email Marketing: A World Full Of Possibilities

Email is maybe the oldest way of contact between a company and its clients, but not the worst. Email marketing is full of possibilities: you can send massive mailing in the blink of an eye, track your public’s interests and, finally, connect your email address to your blog or web, your social network accounts and to other apps. And some platforms offer all these services for free.

How many email messages do you delete every day? I don’t know about you, but it’s the first thing that I do after switching on my computer: deleting lots of messages without reading them. Even when I got a system that blocks spam automatically, my inbox is full of messages and I don’t have time to open and read all of them. But sometimes a good subject line attracts my attention. The Email marketing has achieved its goal.

Sometimes, companies concentrate their efforts in promotions in social media platforms and forget about the most traditional way of contact with their clients: the email. They have a full database with their clients’ email adresses and are sure about their clients’ interests, why not to get the most out of their email lists?

Once we have clear what Email marketing is, talk about another delicate question: Do we have to ask for permission to possible receptors? Yes, of course. And here we have a second concept: Permission Marketing. The prospective customer has either given explicit permission for the marketer to send their promotional message or implicit permission.

Third, we have to look for the perfect tool to send our messages. Forget about Outlook and other classic systems and think in specialized platforms. The modern platforms are faster, reliable, show a more attractive design and offer more possibilities. You can choose among lots of them: Rapidmail, VerticalResponse, Aweber, Doppler and MailChimp.

We have talked about the full range of possibilities that these platforms offer. Let’s take MailChimp. First, you can connect your MailChimp account to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and integrate it with applications like WordPress, Google Analytics, etc… There is a second connection: you have the option to send an email with the content of every new post you publish in your blog or web. Third, you track every campaign and how it works: you know how your subscribers react, if they click a link back to your site, how many opens and clicks you got, which links are the most popular, you find out where in the world your followers are located, compare your rates with other companies in your industry.

If you want to take advantage of all of these possibilities, of course you have to take care of the writing of your ‘business card’: the subject line. It has to be attractive and suggestive; otherwise, your potential clients won’t open the email. Don’t use a professional and formal language; get close to your recipients. And like always use your common sense in order to touch your public’s nerve.

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Email Marketing – 5 Actions to Achieve Efficient Conversion

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Email Marketing - 5 Actions to Achieve Efficient Conversion

Email Marketing – 5 Actions to Achieve Efficient Conversion

Email marketing is it still valid. And we thought the stardust of Social Media had overshadowed any marketing action – that had less socially-efficient outcome.  We started with this exaggerated reflection, through the absurd, invites us to reflect on the importance of drawing from each of the disciplines of marketing the most efficient actions for our purposes.

We live in the cycle of the marketing mix, the images and content, live exposed through a quintuple dichotomy that makes up our unique fingerprint from five profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest, thus forming new cycle humanized composed of individual talents fueling social action communities Factbook, constant information to Twitter, team meetings on Google + and brand images on Pinterest.

Email marketing, an ally in building brand

Social networks are great allies of SMEs but so is email marketing, it is not only communication channel remains synonymous with bonds of nature “more intimate” with our most loyal customers, it is also, if we implement 5 simple actions can make email marketing strategy a great ally of the conversion of our customers.

Let’s see how to do; what actions can more efficient to take advantage afforded us by the email marketing?

1. Subject, “the impact of the message” applying the same logic efficient messaging in social media. The subject of our email marketing strategy should contain the keywords that define the brand message and also should be able to directly impact the needs of the recipient.

2. Post, short and direct. As always, as in all when we consider writing a Tweet from impact, when we promote content Facebook in our community or among our circles of Google + … direct messages, simple and focused and always without going into much. Harnessing the techniques of optimization strategies contained in our email marketing, it is very efficient.

3. Optimizes, simplifies the actions that should make your customers to read your message. Remember that the simpler result of receiving the information, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

4. Your image = memory. The logo your image, your brand  think for a moment why social networks based on the images as a link between brands and customers, as Pinterest, have such a level of acceptance? The image causes an instant recall, is why in email marketing strategies is restarted using the logo on the top and on the left side of our email.

5. Think of the customer. Imagine a scene increasingly real Monday; a user queries the charming restaurants that are in a particular street where you live. On Friday, while passing through the street with a friend from work, the strategy Restaurant geolocalizaicón activates and warns that there two streets, which is sought on Monday . Imagine how satisfied we can achieve overall customer know?

When we focus on email marketing strategy in that we need only deliver what they expect. Beyond conversion ratios email marketing strategy will bring us, the key to its effectiveness is the quality of the information they contain. And finally, an additional tip do not forget that email marketing is an action within your global branding. Keep the consistency and quality of your posts!

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4 Steps to Success in E-Mail Marketing

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email-marketing tips

email-marketing tips

Definitely the Email Marketing is one of the most important tools in the Internet advertising because on one hand it has a relatively low cost compared to other advertising services and most importantly, we can track all prospects and convert them into customers.

Suppose that each person who enters our website leave details such as name, email and age. With this information we started to make Email Marketing as first point the user is interested in the content of our website, so the importance of defining what we want to do with our website, so that email marketing we make it to focus properly.

If we know how to approach the markup of our website, the next step is to know focus email marketing strategy, in our own website, we have different strategies for Email Marketing, this means that we can focus on different markets within the same Website.

The market in which we focus on the website is a general market but separated by categories or interests, as anyone looking cars, will address the used car section, who is seeking computers or peripherals section will address computing or the person seeking cooking r recipes will address the recipes section.

In the first step we have focused our market or our Internet Marketing strategy, the next step is to focus the email marketing campaign.

In each of the categories of our website, install registration forms ask the user where their city, name, email, age, without getting to get as many sensitive data like phone because the we ask more for sensitive information this strategy will affect efficiency. Keep in mind that all registration forms in each category of our website has to be filtered by category so our are Email Marketing records are correct and registered users according to their interests.

It is always good to give something in return for the information, the user gives the data … you give him something that interests users, for example, if registration recipes offers something 10 recipes of traditional dishes for Christmas “and when the user registers interested what you promised, the idea of ​​regulating something to your subscribers is to create a bond of friendship between you and your website that is considered an important pillar in email marketing.

Now if you have a record of users who have obtained a good strategy with Email Marketing and Internet Marketing is time to define four important steps to start with sending offers to registered users.

1. It offers something for Registration Bulletin (already seen how)

2. Whenever you send something to your subscribers, send them valuable information and according to their interest.

3. Always keep track of all subscribers, occasionally sends information to your entire database, waving to your subscribers personally, this will help create more confidence.

4. Provides options with a monthly subscription fee.

This will greatly compromise have different Strategies Email Marketing because you have to send a lot of quality information to your subscribers, since they are paying for it.

As you may notice the Email Marketing has advantages compared with other Internet marketing services but we must use the Email Marketing.

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Want to Succeed With Email Marketing? Try These Tips!

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Opti Matrix - Email-Marketing ServicesIf you thought the days of using email as a marketing tool are long gone, think again! The email application is one of the oldest marketing techniques used on the Internet, and is something that is nowhere near over. There are new ways to do and are really exciting. We should capture attention offering an blog will make the receiver and there will probably subscribe your email. Offer something for free, a discount coupon or information on a promotion are key- Tip! Remember that the plan to build a mailing list through e-mail marketing generates good reputation in the customer base. Make sure not to go to technical deceptive techniques. A marketing email should be short. Keep your vocabulary simple and direct language. This will show that you value your reader’s time. This also ensures that your subscribers will read to the end the email. Although the most important information should be included in the top of the email, there are always important links in the content at the end.

Tip! If you’re trying to discover an excellent suggestion to contribute to your strategy email marketing, you should consider using SMS messages to complement your emails. When these are used together, can be very effective in reaching your readers with all the knowledge you would like to have. Remember that many of the subscribers of your emails will be reading your mail on mobile devices such as smart phones. These devices lack the resolution of high-end equipment, so the word count and the careful use of graphics become very important. Find out the appearance of messages on these devices and makes the necessary changes to make them easy to read on screen in a small phone.

Ensure that all members of your list of mail-marketing has given you permission to send information by mail. Otherwise, many people assume it is spam and delete your post or will be dropped from your list. Worse, if your email provider collects many spam complaints about you, I could not believe that sticking to its policy of spam. Tip! A good way to track customers who end up buying something is to offer a free gift. Attach a statement to your email to tell them that they will have an appreciation for your purchase. Venerable email marketing still has plenty of life, as you can see.

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