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If you want to gain some hands on knowledge about web data analytics, then this is the right place to be. As an analyst, if you know how to use any tool effectively, then you are one of the smartest analysts around the globe. Google Analyticsis one of the prospective tools that can be used to derive the specific insights from the data.

Following are the ways by which any analysts can use Google Analytics in a smarter way:-

  • Empathy from market segments: This can help you understand what kinds of people out there are interacting within your websites. Market segmentation basically allows you to plan and create the market strategies. Analysis can be done by their age, gender, location, interests etc. However, it is important to note that the data collected from these Market Segments are from the cookies and not from the Google analytics

  • Shortcut option available by Google Analytics: This shortcut provided by Google Analytics will help you process your reports faster rather than reconfiguring one report at a time. It can be used for both standard and custom reporting.

  • Customize the dimensions: Anything that can be customized always works in their favor. Even with Google Analytics, you have an option of customizing the dimensions of the visitor such as location, demographics etc. With customization you can combine Google Analytics data with that of non-Google analytics data. They play an important role in the custom reports and appear as the primary dimensions.Custom dimensions also help you to track customers who purchase multiple products, and other related interactions.

  • Multi-Channel Funnels: In Google analytics, there is something know as Conversion’s and under that, there is an option called Multi Channel Funnels. Under Multi channel funnels, we get to see PathLength and TimeLag.
  • Path length: This shows the number of times the user visited your site before the actual conversion.
  • Time lag: This helps you know how many days a particular conversion occurred.

This report is useful in many ways as it gives you the total number of conversions, conversion value, and the percentage of conversions. Hence, allowing you to segment both the reports.

  • Assisted Conversions: It counts all conversions that a channel has assisted. Even before a channel has passed the final interaction, it will be known as Assisted Conversions. Indirectly, this helps in analysing the number. The higher the number, the more priority you need to give.

  • Google Analytics applications: This helps to generate better reports and contains both paid and free applications. The applications can be selected from the different category depending upon the type of business you do. This encourages developers to create tools that can be integrated with Google Analytics

Google Analytics technology updates brings in more solution to make Web Analytics even better all depending on the skill of the analyst in order to make the maximum use of the Google Analytics platform.


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