Get the inside out detail about Google I/O 2016

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Google I/O 2016
Google is good to go to demonstrate a scope of creative items in various areas like Android, Chrome, and the Cloud in the up and coming Google I/O designer gathering. In an occasion like WWDC of Apple, which is going to begin from May 18 and will keep going for three days, the tech mammoth Google will demonstrate start to finish of new items to the designers. Here is a look at what we can anticipate from the current year’s engineer meeting.

Android N

Be that as it may, everything in the gathering is centered around the engineers, we can expect a full name and more elements of the following real form Android N. Presumably, Google will likewise discharge rules for making dazzling apps for the more current variant. We can’t preclude the entry from claiming some new toys for the engineers to play with while they get SDK.

Home excitement

Android TV is no more another term, and we can expect a declaration of a few changes and in addition the consideration of imaginative components to upgrade home diversion. Google may approach with some new components for the recently propelled Chrome cast Audio.


Google widely concentrates on robotized auto and mechanical autonomy. Thusly, it is conceivable that robots will take the demonstrate this time. Self-driving monster robots are relied upon to appear by the web crawler Goliath in this meeting.


Google’s mystery Project Tango may begin bearing organic products this year, and we may witness some exceptional VR gadgets in I/O 2016.

Cloud innovation

Google Cloud Platform can astonish us by propelling some new apps and administrations. GCP has numerous items and administrations in the fields of use facilitating, distributed computing and database administrations. It is intriguing to see what Google offers for its current and potential customers.


SEO For Affiliate Marketing

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SEO For Affiliate Marketing

SEO For Affiliate Marketing

SEO is a hot topic at the moment, in the affiliate marketing space and the world of business in general. Most website owners know that SEO is important for the success of any online business, and if you run an affiliate website it’s likely that you will have heard other webmasters mutter about Google Penguin and Panda, but how much do you know about the field of SEO in general? Is your site truly search engine friendly?

What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of making your site as search engine friendly as possible. A site with good SEO is designed from the ground up to be easy for search engines to understand and index. Other aspects of SEO include link building, and even writing good content. Google pays attention to how long users stay on websites before hitting the back button, and tracks which websites get the most clicks from the search results. If you write good content that people want to link to and want to read, then your site will do well in the search engines.

Why Should Affiliates Care About SEO?

Affiliate marketers should care about SEO because a search-engine friendly site is, usually, a good site overall. Effective SEO has several benefits, and not all of them directly relate to your place in the search results. For example:

  • You get free traffic: This one is search related. When you rank well in organic search results, your site will get traffic from people who are interested in your chosen keyword. This isn’t PPC traffic, it’s free. Why would anyone see free, targeted traffic (from a  searcher who has, if you chose the right keywords, shown an intent to buy) as a bad thing?
  • You build a brand: Good SEO practices include using authorship data and rich snippets to increase your site’s visibility. This means that when people search for informative articles about whatever it is that you sell, they will see articles written by you, with your name and your Google+ profile image. Even if they don’t click on the link today, they’ve been exposed to your name and your brand. That’s a good thing.
  • You build a network: Another important part of SEO is link building. The Google Panda and Penguin updates invalidated some old fashioned link building techniques for web development company, such as article directories and paid links, but guest blogging is still a popular method. This link building technique involves writing high quality content to share with other bloggers in your niche, in return for a link back. Guest blogging is a great way to get to know people who work in your niche, and it will allow you to make new business contacts, grow your brand, and bring in customers who read the other webmaster’s blog or website

SEO is not some complicated computer programming technique. Rather, it is a smart way of doing business. If you have a site that is well coded, secure and fast to load, then you have the technical part of SEO down. If you run WordPress, installing a sitemap plugin and the All In One SEO pack plugin (both free) is all you need to do to improve the technical side of your SEO. The rest – writing good content and sharing it with related, high quality websites and social networks, is all about networking in the traditional sense. If you can do that, you’re already one step ahead of most webmasters.

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The author of this article, Amy, contributes to the ClickSure Scam blog. The blog was developed to help people understand the way that the ClickSure affiliate network works. 

Knowledge Graph SEO Possibilities

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For some time we see the Knowledge Graph in search results and definitely, this box is directly influencing the performance of search results. But what is the Knowledge Graph ? It is the box that appears to the right of the search result when we query in Google, either the name of an actor, a brand, a place, etc.. This table attempts to provide a set semantic information it collects from various sources, with the aim of you may solve your question without the need to consult different pages.

Benefits of Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is especially interesting for users, because in a single space large amount of information collected varied and different sources. In general, you can answer most questions from users without the need for these have search in the search results.

How does the SEO Knowledge Graph, where it gets the information and how we can manipulate

The main sources are fueling Knowledge Graph Wikipedia, Freebase, CIA World Facebook and Google. Edit information for Wikipedia or Freebase allows modification of the results of the Knowledge Graph.

One of the results we have seen in some sites is the decline in CTR for brand results . When a user does a search for mark and the mark is assigned a Knowledge Graph, automatically, the number of clicks on the natural result of the brand decreases, and rightly so, as the Knowledge Graph occupies considerable space.

What about those clicks? Where do they go? Depends. Doing a trademark search, for example Softonic, the Knowledge Graph displays the image information.

If we click on this result, it will direct the user to the profile of Softonic in Google+ (which redirects the user to the official website). However, we can also see a small text with a link. This is the latest release of Softonic G+ profile, which in this case is a link to a specific article of the web. But, What if I had posted a link external? users they would be escaping to another site after doing a trademark search.

SEO Strategy for Knowledge Graph

  • So far little we can do to improve SEO through Knowledge Graph , however, there are always improvements that can be implemented:
  • Find your brand in Google and find out what items appear in Knowledge Graph.
  • For you see your G+ profile and the last publication, you can modify the result to publications. While it is true that you should not focus your social media strategy based on this result , they can make a small modification to include eg brand more publications, links to other corporate sites, etc…
  • For images, if your brand has no on first results of Google Images , SEO works for images.
  • Is the information that appears on Wikipedia or another source is real? Is positive and gives the brand image that interests me? Try to modify the text following the publication policy of these sites. For example, Wikipedia does not allow promotional texts.
  • Your brand holds events but these do not appear in Knowledge Graph? Have posted these events on your site? Do you have them marked with microdata / microformats event? If not, do it.

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9 Important Points To Consider About Google PANDA

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9 Important Points To Consider About Google PANDA

9 Important Points To Consider About Google PANDA

After Google changes in their algorithms, many sites completely lost its positioning within the search engines. If this is your case, we recommend to read these points, which will help you maintain or even improve that position.
1. – The changes have not finished As mentioned, many sites survived the disaster that caused Panda in many others, but it is time to relax, because only in this year, apply about 550 Google updates its algorithm.

2. – The significance will remain important Google wants to provide its users with better and better results, so that plays a key role here the content of the sites. Be sure to always use the most relevant keywords to write your content, too, these words should be related to the theme of your page. It is recommended to use them with an approximate density of 2-3%.

3. – Links in low quality directories Not all article directories are bad, but most accept texts almost anyone, regardless of how poorly written they are, that the content is duplicate or to be inserted up to 5 links for each item. This is one of the things that Panda has come to collapse. So it is recommended that only a link in the articles, in addition to publishing high-quality directories.

4. – Be published in directories with quality Although, directories with high PageRank demand higher quality standards in articles for publication, make them disclose a text and a link would be a “push” positioning.

5. – Social networks matter It is increasingly common to perform a search and get results from Facebook or Twitter, so it is advisable to start business in social networks, including information in the biography and try to interact with users.

6. – For Google, the words are worth more than a picture Google is able to read the content of a site to know what this is, but add too many images difficult that task to the browser as well as to add commercials may detract relevance, so that its position would be affected.

7. – A users they like the videos, a Google also In addition to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks like LinkedIn, to perform a search, the results may shed a video on Youtube, so we recommend creating relevant videos, not very long. A helpful tip is to turn one of the items you posted in a directory on a video.

8. – Find a balance As we said, Google can read the texts to interpret, so the post in blogs or on the same site, another recommendation would be to find a balance, do not or very large or very short. The short texts can be classified as low quality pro the search, while broad content might not look interesting to users.

9. – Age of domain There are conflicting views on the influence of the age of the domain within the SEO, many experts say is irrelevant, and some say that if it is a factor. The truth is that based on experience, the best SEO specialists say that domains that are older if you have an advantage in the results.

If your site already affected by changes in Google algorithms, consider these points, you may find useful to resume the good position they had. If on the other hand, your site is in the same position, learn and act before it is too late.

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What Is Google Panda And How It Affects The Content Of The Websites?

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What Is Google Panda And How It Affects The Content Of The Websites

What Is Google Panda And How It Affects The Content Of The Websites

How did your site after ran the Panda algorithm? Many publishers were “beaten” by the change that Google made to its algorithm, and today is the date they have failed to revive their websites. And although no announcements have been updates on the algorithm, Panda remains.

This should not be alarmed because it is a good learning opportunity to leverage this change has left us experience in web publishing strategies.

In many places affected by the change that made Google, conflict is found in the lack of differentiation of content within the main sections of the portal. Now let’s look because priority is given to the realization of different content. Suppose a user performs a search, click on the link and access a portal to your home page, and after a while discovered that the page does not offer what you need, the content has not been satisfactory. Do you think that if the index information was not to his liking will want to find similar information in other sections?

This notion gives us the guidelines to assign greater weight to the creation of texts, images and different information within our website. Contemplate that not all brands are going to be market leaders, therefore, do not just mimic what your competition, you must generate your own identity to give you the opportunity to making choices that not only differ by the name.

What is Panda?

Panda is a content classifier. The sites considered of good quality, are those where users perform more searches and have a sufficient supply of content, those sites in which these requirements were not met, they became part of the sites of poor quality.

Some tips on differentiation content

The different content is not everything. Make a website with different content will not give the desired positioning. This differentiator should be visible to users and search engines. You must make it visible

If your web pages do not have any element that makes them different, however, seem all landing page, the algorithm will consider of poor quality.

Do not think like a machine. You keep thinking like you’re a programming code. Indeed, the importance of considering the algorithm when generating a content, it is still important, is not above creating a more pleasant browsing experience for users.

Analyze keyword density on our site; we will give an idea of ​​which we have regarded the Internet in creating our site. Another important factor is the integration site sections. If all pages of your site are focused on generating conversions and the elements of the page have no relevance Panda will send you to its blacklist of sites.


The need to create authentic content increases daily. End users have become more demanding, and the search engines like Google and Bing want to satisfy them.

The internet is a tool accessible to users and vendors; therefore, people do not want to find millions of sources that offer exactly the same. It is important to avoid content equal to enrich the experience of Internet users.

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This post is written by Vishal Shah. He is a professional blogger and writer at Opti Matrix Solution. He specializes in topics of interest to techno geeks and networking enthusiasts.

Important tips for Creating Search Engine friendly Web Content

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Important tips for Creating Search Engine friendly Web Content

Important tips for Creating Search Engine friendly Web Content

Many of the companies nowadays create the fantastic looking website, but have you ever thought that how a site will perform in the search engines? Are the search engines being able to view all your contents? Are the titles in correct place? Do you have different page descriptions and do they contain your relevant keywords?

In order to maintain this it should be viewed in search engines your most important content should be HTML text format. Often images, flash, and other non-text elements are ignored or devalued by the search engine crawlers. Although it has improved it is still not reliable enough to base your entire website around an image rather than the more important text base. We recommend checking how your website looks through the eyes of a search engine by using a tool such as Google cache.

You also need to take care and should look that your website has a good link structure making it easy for the crawlers to move around all your content and access all of your sites pages. If any of your pages leads to a dead end the crawler will have nowhere to go and no clear path to index all of your sites pages. After all what is the point of having a great looking website if no one can find it once it goes live on the net.

Another vitally important consideration for any site is the site’s content.  In the world of SEO there are certain best practices that you should follow to give your site a good standing for optimization and for how it is crawled and ranked by the search giants.

Here are some useful tips for your website content:

–          Try to target minimum 300 words of text on each page.

–          Analyze your target keywords for each page and include them within your page title.

–          Any images on the page should be clearly displayed with an ALT tag.

–          The target keyword should always come in the first paragraph.

–          The keyword should appear in the Meta description.

–          The keyword should be repeated within the copy around 3-7 times. This is called keyword density.

–          Meta description should contain target keyword and be between 120 – 156 characters.

–          Make sure your page contains Titles (known as H1) and subheadings if you can (H2, H3 etc.).

–          Make sure in every 100 words of your content maximum only two times your target keyword should come.

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The Post written by Mihir Barot a professional writer for web development company who has expertise in Custom Web Developmet, Ecommerce Development and iphone application development

What to Look for when Choosing an SEO Company

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What to Look for when Choosing an SEO Company

What to Look for when Choosing an SEO Company

The prominence of SEO services has led to the rise of many companies that specialize in the delivery of the services. You have a task of choosing the best company to provide these services for you as an individual or a company. There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing the appropriate company to help you be at the top of search engine results. Some of the most important factors are discussed in this article.

A good SEO Company Needs to Provide you with a Breakdown of Prices.
SEO companies will be able to provide you with different prices for the various types of services. The price will depend on the SEO services offered. The services need to be ideal for individual companies and should be priced accordingly.

A Good SEO Company Should Be Able To Give Detailed Site Analysis.
They will need to specifically address ways of improving your website page rank and search engine positioning. The company should be able to check on your side and give a brief analysis on how to improve on the site that you already have. They must should be able to identify the strength and weaknesses of your site and advice you accordingly.

A Good SEO Company Should Be Able To Optimize Your Keyword.
In order to deliver the best possible service to you, they need be able to analyze your keyword and see if you have used effective keyword. In case your keyword is not suitable the SEO service should give advice or assist you to create  alternative ones that will suit your needs.

A Good SEO Company Should Advice You on Proper Linking Strategies.
A reputable Company should be able to understand the best ways to create profitable links. The company needs to assess your links and help you improve on what you already have. The company should advice you on both inbound and outbound links. t will suit your needs.

A Good SEO Company Should Be Able To Offer Good Customer Care.
You should choose a SEO company that can deliver quality services immediately. In case you have any problem, the SEO company should be able to have mechanisms in place that will be able to solve the problem with no delay. Additionally, the company should deliver support services 24 hours every day. In case of any changes that concern you, you need to know about them immediately.

A Good SEO Company Should Help You Save Time.
You should look for a company that is able to solve problems professionally without asking advice from you. You need a company that offers guaranteed services which will make you avoid struggling to optimize your website. Optimizing your network every day will waste your time hence giving your competitors an advantage. d to know about them immediately.

A Good SEO Company Should Charge Reasonable Prices.
A SEO company should have competitive prices. It should be able to match the SEO services it is providing with the prices you are paying. The prices should make you feel that you are getting value for your money. The prices should be reasonable, not too cheap or too expensive.

A Good SEO Company Should Have Good Communication Skills.
They should update you of any changes in the company’s SEO Services. You should also get regular information on the performance of your site. In case of any limitations, the company should be able to assist as fast as possible. You should also be able to know where the offices are situated and have more than one point of contact so that you can easily access them.

A Good SEO Company Should Offer High Quality Services.
The company that you are looking for should offer reasonable value on their SEO services compared to other advertisement media. They should offer better results faster, with less costs compared to other players on the market. e offices are situated and have more than one point of contact so that you can easily access them.

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