Planning a Website

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Planning Website

Planning Website

In this article we are going to discuss what you should take into consideration when planning your website. We will explore things that are essential and things that could be of major significance later on in the build.

Even if you are going to pay a professional to complete your website its still important for you to plan your website properly. As you will read later on, it could even save you money!

Target Audience

Any website development company should understand who their customers are and what they look like in terms of profile. For example, it’s simply not good enough to say that everyone who eats will be a target audience of a Bakery. Yes everyone that eats could consume the food from a bakery but that is not defining your target audience. A person who lives in the area or who drives past the bakery is a good start, then you could look into more details about the people that live nearby or who drives past to get an idea of who your target audience is.

You need to know who your target audience is because the website will need to be targeted specifically to them in terms of design, content and features. For example, a bakery might have a page dedicated to van drivers and food available to people on the go.


Again every business should know their ‘Unique Selling Points’, what makes your business unique, this will help your customer decide why they should go with your business rather than your competitors. For example, if you offer a free quotation through your website and your competition does not, then that could be a USP.

First of all, a professional designer is the best person to make design decisions not you. You may know what you like and you don’t like but a professional designer will know about design rules, business concepts surrounding design and how people behave according to design.

However, if you do have design constraints, make sure that you have written them down on paper ready for the designer. For example, no other colours should be used other than the ones contained in your logo. You want a website where the main navigation menu is located horizontally at the top.

Try to refrain from stringent design requirements such as you want the website to have a picture of an eagle etched into the background with stars around it etc etc. The chances of you thinking of a concept that meets professional marketing and design principles are limited. Feel free to mention something in passing conversation when you meet the designer but nothing concrete.


Make a list of features that you would like your website to cover and split them up into things that you definitely require and things that you can add later on.

For example features are things like, revolving banner with a text over lay, content management system, blog, contact form, quote form, user login, members area, member admin area, member sales history, member print facility, member order form etc.

Text, Images, Videos

The content for your website is by far the biggest factor in websites being delayed. Make sure that you have properly thought about what you want to say in your website. For example, you may want a page called ‘why choose us?’, write the text that will appear on this page.

You should also think about things like the details that the website asks for on an order form, i.e. name, address, tel etc.

If you are going to use images or videos then get them together, make sure that you have named the files properly, a video called vid1 is no good to anyone.

Technical Details

You may have login details that will be required for domain names or payment systems. Make sure that you have these details because you may need to give them to your web designer. If you have not yet arranged things like social networking accounts then get them setup ready.

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4 New Updates to Google Ad words

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4 New Updates to Google Ad words

4 New Updates to Google Ad words

The online advertising system of Google, has evolved and improved management tools and campaign creation. How Adwords offer flexible deals. Here are the most important aspects of this update.

Keywords Planner

One of the most surprising news to webmasters and SEO expert’s is introducing a new tool to search keywords, which includes a traffic estimator.

With the help of this tools to find keywords lists to URL’s categories. This means it will now be possible to improve the search keyword and expand the ability to reach more potential users.

Another advantage is the cost estimate per click, thus, planning budgets for campaigns, will be easier to organize.

Ads on Google Maps
Also been redesigned to Google Maps, so now you can optimize your ads and when they appear on the map. With this improvement, the advertisement appears in the exact location on the map where the company is.

For this to happen, you need to run ads with location extension and must also be configured in the campaign, the option to include search partners, since Google Maps is considered a search partner Adwords campaigns.

Google Adwords Editor

Google has made massive changes to improve the campaigns and has included various statistics and performance metrics. Some of the new features offers are:

  • Set adjustments deals, topics and audiences.
  • Set mobile offerings settings ad group
  • Reload campaigns in bulk using CSV files

Strategies flexible deals

Have been included for deals flexible options, which allow you to manage different parts of the campaigns, including specific offers strategies across. Which is very useful for advertisers who want to promote certain special keywords?

In order to keep growing, Google has implemented several improvements in all its tools. Google Adwords being their main source of income, this is constantly renewed, trying to attract more and more users.

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How to Calculate the Economic Value of an SEO?

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How to Calculate the Economic Value of an SEO?

How to Calculate the Economic Value of an SEO?

When it comes to SEO we mean the abbreviation for the term Search Engine Optimization . The goal is to position a website in the top 10 positions. No matter if you want to hire an agency or going to invest time to train you on SEO issues.

In both cases you’re using you could invest resources for other tasks. The big question is to determine the economic benefit that you could make SEO work.

Factors to be taken into account when calculating the value of work in SEO

Calculate the profit that gives you be positioned in the top 10 of Google is not very complicated really. What is interesting is to see how many potential revenue generated by being in the first, second, third, position in the search. This requires knowing or estimating some of the following factors. 

Conversion ratio of a web page: this reflects the percentage of people who come to a site and ends up buying. Can vary considerably and is positioned between 0.2-25% depending on the product, the online store, seniority, etc… and other criteria, can have an impact on the conversion. 

Search volume keyword: if you have a running shop and sell running shoes you are interested in out in the form. For more keyword search volume is usually more complicated because they are the potential visitors bring. In most cases but not interested in all those held in the region where I offer my services. 

Number of clicks as a function of position: The visibility and image is not the same. Provides greater confidence to the user to be in the first result in the next positions. It is reflected in an increased residence time compared to the rest of the results. 

Net margin of your product is : the more important the net margin of your product, the more important is the potential benefit each visit brings you through SEO to your site. 

Basic Calculation for the keyword “buy flowers”

Imagine your business is to sell flowers online. One of the keywords relevant to your business obviously is “buy flowers”. The only online store makes deliveries in UK. They have several products and the shopping center is situated at 30 euros. Consider the value of being in the top positions for that combination of words. Luckily we have the data. 

  • Conversion ratio of the online store : 1%
  • Spain search volume : 8,100 searches / month
  • Average net margin on sales : 15 euros

Several studies have analyzed the number of clicks on the web positioning function. The results always vary and we have to a difference of 15% for first place depending on the source you choose. In this study we have obtained the following data for CTR depending on SEO.

Potential Income per month depending on the position to “buy flowers”

In this case we know that of the 8,100 visits average 42.3% will click on our link and go to our website. We’re talking about 3426 visits each month. Along with our conversion rate of 1% we can estimate that generate 34 sales thanks to the keyword “buy flowers”. Only this combination gives us potential net profit of 510 euros (34 euros sales x 15 net profit). 

There are some factors that are not taken into account in this calculation. Top positions may have a better conversion ratio greater confidence. Nor have not spoken on the difficulty level. When there is a lot of competition is much more difficult (if not impossible) to be in the first position. In these cases it is necessary to analyze whether the effort (and cost) worth for the benefit that we get in return. 

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Analysis Keywords and Competition

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Analysis Keywords and Competition

Analysis Keywords and Competition

If you are thinking to start a business, website or blog on the Internet, this post will be used most, because today I would share with you some of the measurement and analysis tools that you should use before launching your project.

Whether not clear idea of your business then first of all you should make a “market research” to know who will be your potential customer or buyer. How to make a study of this kind can be very expensive, I will propose a series of free tools to make your own market study.

Measurement and analysis tools.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

It is a well known and used tool. Used to analyze the amount of searches that Google receives any term or keyword you enter. It informed local search, global search / monthly and provides information to the type of competition (low, medium or high). This tool can be very useful to get an idea of the demand on the network on any product or keyword. To get a little more advantage of this great tool, you can customize your search using the filters at the left. Definitely highly recommended.

Google Trends:

This tool allows us to know the trend of search (in graphics) of any word that we introduce. It may be helpful to us to know how fashionable or not our product or service. It provides information on the geographic interest, most wanted trends that are current and growing. In my view you can get enough juice to this tool because it can be used to know (what interests and where) so I recommend it. h using the filters at the left. Definitely highly recommended.


This tool / web offers us the opportunity to “spy on the competition,” showing organic keywords, money invested in Ads, number of visits, competitors in organic keywords ultimately, for me the best place where to make a little competition analysis. There is a free version, where you cannot access any type of analysis, but still gives you a lot of valuable information for your business.

I hope these tools, may be of help to study the market, analyze the competition and the various niche markets, trends, what to look for on the net.

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SEO: Not Only The Ranking Is Important

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SEO Not Only The Ranking Is Important

SEO Not Only The Ranking Is Important

Since search engine optimization industry grew, the main concern of the sellers has been providing its customers good position within the search results.

Perform an optimization in the search engines is not limited to the effective keyword research and its application within a website, but also trying to understand the whole context of the page and the products offered. You need to understand the evolution of the campaign is to know how to improve and what modifications must be made.

An SEO campaign consists of four main steps:

1. Sell the whole concept, from keyword research to implementation.

2. Process research of keywords that generate traffic and conversions.

3. Develop additional services to capitalize on SEO keywords conversions.

4. Report the evolution of content and keywords that generate conversions.

Selling the concept

In order to complete the sale of an SEO campaign, you should set the desired objectives. Many of the customers what they want is to get the number 1 position of their site with certain keywords, however, specify that it is very difficult to achieve and, in case of obtaining and maintaining is virtually impossible.

In many cases, customers already have a list of keywords which aim to rank their site, but as the campaign progresses you can most likely find other conversion.

An initial SEO proposal may change soon because during the data exploration is always possible to find more options to apply an optimization.

Keyword Research

Investigate different keywords should be a continuous process, the middle of a campaign can be found concepts that create greater benefits for the Network Status page and conversions.

A good tip to find quality keywords is to ask what actions they are to perform within the site visitors?

Some indicators that can be used to measure the success of a site visits are:

  • Time spent: If a visitor lasts more than 3 minutes on the web and the dropout rate is low, then we can conclude that the user reads the contents and it was of interest to him.
  • Visited pages: If a user looked at two or more pages within a site, it can be said that the content was to his liking and he wanted was to keep reading.
  • Product page: If the primary purpose of a page is to sell, then you have to check if the visitor reviewed the site filled prices or any contact form.

SEO Additional Services

Once developed and implemented a campaign, follow keywords investigating possible success, to identify them, you can develop a new proposal with them to complement the work.

For example, you can set factors such as: developing new content for those keywords, how can be included within a purchase cycle? What can be better utilized means those words, blogs, social networks, etc..?

A good tip is to list new found monthly keywords that can be exploited and show them to the client.

Report on the keywords and their evolution

In presenting performance report to clients on the current season, best result is achieved by adding data and statistics that do not commonly show specific data on the performance of specific keywords, comparison of result between keywords etc…

It also may include other important aspects, such as: What impact a certain group of keywords on the Network Status page? How many visits and conversions relate keywords campaign content? And most importantly, how many sales are attributed to the contents?

It is clear that placing a site on the top of a ranking of search does not guarantee that sales will improve this page. To achieve this we must work constantly on the keywords and content that revolves around them. Seeking ways to suit the needs of Internet users will be key to the success of the campaign.

Moreover, to stand out from other agencies dedicated to SEO, you should constantly modernize working methods, not only the technical, but also presenting it to the client.

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Tips For Optimize Meta Description

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How To Optimize Meta Description

How To Optimize Meta Description

What is a Meta description tag?

The Meta description tag is a Meta tag which founds in the top part of a web page. Essentially that’s a description of a web page’s content. In this following article we will see how the Meta description tag works and why it is being used and also how to optimize it.

Benefits of using the Meta description tag

Meta description tags are not related to improving your rankings. Neither Google, yahoo or Bing uses it is a ranking signal. Compulsory descriptions are also crucial to improving your click through rate and conversions.

If the keywords are bold in the Meta tags then it makes more obvious in search engines. This makes the more possible for the user, who then can judge the relevance of a particular web page more quickly. Social networks like Facebook, twitters etc. also typically pick up the Meta description tags whenever someone shares the link.

How to Optimize

Meta descriptions are a kind of slightly long tweet, because in that you don’t have that place to play with it. So it is important to write sufficient and relative compelling enough to get users to click through.

Description length – limit down your description only up to maximum number of 160 characters, including spaces. This isn’t set in stone though as Google limits the tag using pixel width and not by the number of characters. Anything which exceeds it will be indicated with ellipsis. And that brings the next tip for us.

Cliffhanger – use it whenever it is possible. The Zeigarnik-Effect, also known as the Cliffhanger Effect, states that people are much more likely to remember tasks where they have been interrupted than once those projects have been completed. Your chances are much more likely to click through if you leave them hungry for a conclusion.

Why should people read your content?

Provide a relevant info to your target audience that why they should your content. Are they going to learn something new, or that post is for a limited time, or post is something funny? Tell them about it.

Don’t gear keywords

Don’t gear up the Meta descriptions with your keywords. Like I have said before that it will not increase your rankings at all. One or two instances of your keyword are good enough if it makes sense. Google is advancing enough that it will pick up and display the copy of your main content itself if it finds more relevant to the description you’ve written.

No more duplicates

Try as much as you can that there should be no duplication in your Meta description. Google expects good content on your page. If your descriptions are all the same, Google might think that there is duplicate content and treat it accordingly. So keep those descriptions unique.

Test your descriptions

Finally, whenever you get a chance check your descriptions. The word you use and how you use will impact much on your click through rate.

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How to Increase Your Traffic and Your Profits with a Simple Trick

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How to Increase Your Traffic and Your Profits with a Simple Trick

How to Increase Your Traffic and Your Profits with a Simple Trick

This article explains a little trick that works if you want to increase your income and traffic to your affiliate pages (or ad sense)

To begin, you must know that there is particular type Internet traffic has a much higher conversion than the rest.  This traffic is looking for a “brand” in particular.

For example, when someone searches Google the word “Zara” (clothing brand), is because most likely want to buy something in their online store. This particular example is very good because the word “Zara” wanted almost two million times a month:

The good thing is that being on the first page of Google under a particular brand is something that is usually quite easy since there is only one company that usually do SEO to be there. And that’s the same brand itself.

If you’re brand several major companies on the internet, you will see the results on the first page of Google almost come in this order (or similar):

1. The brand Page

2. in some cases, a sub-brand.

3. Wikipedia talking about the brand

4. Some blog about brand

5. The Facebook page of the brand

6. Twitter page of the brand

7. Any website that is here by chance

8. Any website that is here by chance

9. Any website that is here by chance

10. Any website that is here by chance

This tells us something very interesting and is this, whenever you see a Facebook page or Twitter on the first page of Google under key word, you can position yourself to assume that there will be something fairly easy.

How to take advantage of brand traffic

Let’s assume it’s pretty easy to position yourself on the first page under the word “Stradivarius” (another brand of clothing). If we get there and create a snippet that it looks like this in Google, you think you can steal traffic that is in first position?

If we are on first page of Google with such a result, we will highlight more than any other page of that result. I have to say that I have positioned this specific page but I can say that you’ve tried on several occasions and on words with more than 1 million monthly searches, and the results have been incredible.

Here are several important tips to keep in mind:

  • Put in your title clearly visible, if the visitor enters your site, you will find coupons and discounts to buy clothes in the brand’s flagship store.  People are crazy to find discounts. It’s bait that will take them to click on your result before doing so in the main tent. To do this become affiliated to any of these major brands (in companies like , TradeDoubler or Webgains for example) and put some banners on your web site with discounts. So, not only rob them traffic to the major brands, but it back with an affiliate link and you’ll get a commission for each sale made. Another option is to forget about the affiliate links and directly put Adsense ads on your site.
  • Try to make the meta-description stand out a bit more than the rest of the results. This we achieve by inserting special characters like this: ✓ or percentage @. So you have a plus in visibility and you will get an attention

Good. This was my little trick today. I hope it helps to make extra money with your project

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