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With iPhone6S around the corner, here is a description of all that you should know about iPhone 6S based on leaks, rumours and analyst to provide you with a good look at what to expect in this next generation iPhone.

As far as history goes with Apple, they’ve been pretty predictable with their designs for two generations that usually share the very same design and this generation will be no exception with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. When it comes to the design difference, there isn’t much between iPhone 6 and 6s, however there will be a new colour option of ‘rose gold’ which will be offered on the new iPhone 6s and it’s going to be a more subtle shade and this is in a move to mirror the Apple watch colour choices which is being currently being offered in rose gold.

iPhone6s would show about 0.2 millimetres increase in thickness although design of the watch will change very little but the actual material will change. The iPhone 6s will adopt the 7000 series aluminium use in the production of the Apple watch which will result in 60% stronger aluminium while retaining the same light and being 30% less dense than steel.

No matter what rumours you hear, but the real logic is that Apple doesn’t change the design until two generations, so you will definitely be seeing an iPhone 6s not an iPhone 7.

With iPhone 6S there definitely will be a change in the display but not with the resolution or size but instead with the ‘new force technology’. This is something taken straight from the Apple watch. ‘Force Touch’ basically differentiates between a soft tab any firm press on your display. This opens up a world of new interaction with your device.

For example:

  • Map application- Instead of tapping to drop a pin you can ‘force tap’ and it’ll actually drop one for you faster.
  • Playing Media – You can scrub through the music with different intensity based on how hard your pressing on the button. Now that is really neat!

There are lot of under the skin interactions that weren’t previously available and this will have a large learning curve to it. This gives you a 3D depth to your actual phone display.

The other features with iPhone 6s, Apple is going to be introducing the new A9 chip. It’s a 14nm construction compared to the 20 on iPhone 6 with 2GB LP-DDR4 Ram, making iPhone 6s a powerhouse.

Basic features of iPhone 6sare:-

  • Smaller Footprint
  • Thinner construction
  • New LTE Chip 2x Faster from 150 to 300 Mbps
  • From 20 to 14nm
  • Will run cooler under intense duress

The largest camera jump in Apples entire history will be with iPhone 6s. It will compose of 12 megapixels with 4K video recording and 1080P slow motion options. Even the front camera will be of 5 megapixels with a wide angle sensor and 1080P video capabilities.

As said by ‘Tavis McCourt’ of Raymond James and Associates, “I think the iPhone 6s will have more hardware improvements than any other S version that I can remember. I think it’ll have a significantly better user experience”.

All in all the iPhone 6s will be a significant upgrade to the iPhone 6. Although there is a lot of speculation on the release date but usually there is a rough time frame and this time around it will be during September 25 to 28.


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