Joomla Web Development for Your Successful Online Business

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The internet has brought with it good tidings for a majority of different businesses. It has managed to revolutionize most of the world and the way the world works.

The internet has also given birth to a lot of new avenues that didn’t exist before. The backbone of the internet lies in websites and their development and functioning. To create and manage a website one requires a special kind of program termed the content management system(CMS).

The best content management system in the world since a few years has been Joomla. This funny sounding CMS has been responsible for a plethora of websites that the world is dependent upon. This is referred to as Joomla Website Development. It is an open source software which means that anybody in the world can be privy to its workings and improve upon its dynamics.

India is the land of I.T. No kidding. Therefore Joomla has caught on in a big way in India with numerous companies being dedicated to developing new websites using Joomla. Indians reach out to these companies for their needs.

The best company in India that does Website development and management through Joomla is called Opti Matrix. They claim to provide a complete Joomla web development solution after seeking an expert’s advice, building your Joomla website and then hosting it on the internet.

Joomla works to make sure that web content is published in all its glory and that the stages of the development are completed on the pre-determined time. It is built on a framework known as the ‘model–view–controller web application framework’ so that it can be used independently of the CMS.

Joomla’s funny name was derived from a Middle Eastern word ‘jhumla’ meaning ‘being together’ or ‘sticking together’. Since its inception, Joomla has been download millions of times and has thousands of free and commercial extensions available on the official Joomla directory. Joomla is probably the second most used CMS (the first one being WordPress).

Joomla extensions improve its functionality. They are categorized into five groups: Plugins, templates, modules, languages and components. Each one is responsible for completion of a specific function or task that makes the working of the CMS easier and smoother.

The people who develop websites using Joomla have a specific designation assigned to themselves – Joomla Developer.


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