Challenges Faced by Mobile App Development Companies

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We live in a world of modern technology and innovation. And the fact remains that this is only going to grow. With internet being the fastest growing technology in the world, it gives a cut to cut competition to the number of mobileusers as well. And the number of people using cell phones is only going to grow further. India stands second in the world in the number of active mobile users. Also, it is expected that 1 billion smartphones will be sold in the coming year.  Over 10 billion mobile internet devices are expected to be used in 2016, therefore giving a stronger edge to the mobile application development companies all over the world.

Women have upgraded themselves not only in household but also in technology. Many of them prefer to relax by playing games on their smartphones.  According to a research, women spend approximately 53 % of their application usage time playing games on their Android phones, on iPhones it is 31 %, and on iPads it is 48 %.

Though it seems a bit impossible, but starting and establishing a mobile app development company in India is a difficult task. The following are some of the challenges faced by start-up companies:-

  • Restraining Resources:Androidand iOS are the main leads for smartphones and most of the people have their hands on experience on the Windows side. But the fact remains, Windows is not a part of mobile platform although it should be.

  • Security: Everyone needs security, from a mobile user to a non-mobile user to also a manufacturer making the mobile The responsibility of protecting data lies completely on application developers’. Hence, they should be able to incorporate encryption down to the file system level.

  • Gathering as well as implementing ideas: Doing the homework is very essential in starting a new business which includes gathering all ideas, investigation, decisions to be taken by expert’s referral and also knowing a company’s business model.

  • Finance: Investors want to see great projections before they agree to invest in a new business. So, be clear about how much money is required and where you are going to get it from.

Messaging feature on Android Gear

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Messaging feature on Android GearSending messages on Android Gear feels as simple as it was to pass notes back in school. Keep in mind when your companions dependably felt adjacent? That inclination is the reason I cherish staying in contact with loved ones utilizing my gearable.

Your informing application likely as of now deals with Android Gear. With simply a couple of more lines of code you can open straightforward yet compelling gimmicks that let your clients impart significantly all the more smoothly.

Notifications for free

On the off chance that your Android application utilizes warnings to tell the client about new messages, these will work naturally on their Wearable. That is, the point at which you construct notices with the Notificationcompat.builder class, the framework deals with showing them legitimately, whether they show up on a handheld or gearable. Likewise, an “Open on telephone” activity will be included so its simple for the client to answer through the application on their handheld.

Answer like a champ

Messages on Gear get truly energizing when you can answer straightforwardly from the watch with your voice. Notwithstanding being super helpful, this dependably provides for me a Dick Tracy thrill…  yet perhaps that is just me. =]

To include this usefulness, its as basic as adding an activity to the notice by means of Gearableextender that incorporates a Remoteinput to your warning. After the client answers, you’ll simply get their voice include as a string from the Remoteinput included in the Intent. You can even incorporate content reactions the client can undoubtedly select from a rundown by passing a cluster of them to the setchoices strategy for the Remoteinput.

See who is messaging

Messages are more genuine when you are associated with the sender. That is the reason we prescribe you incorporate the photograph of the sender as the foundation of the warning. When the client takes advantage of the message, they likewise see who its from, which will make it matter more (or possibly that other thing, contingent upon who it is).

You ought to include a photograph with a determination of no less than 400×400, yet we prescribe 640×400. With the bigger size, the foundation will be given parallax scrolling. In the event that the foundation is to be incorporated in the apk, place it in the res/drawable-nodpi index. At that point call setbackground() on your Gearableextender and add it to your notice.

Custom actions

Essential warnings with answer by voice and a decent foundation picture are the most critical parts to accomplish immediately. Be that as it may why stop there? It’s not difficult to broaden the remarkable parts of your administration to the gearable. A straightforward first step is including a custom activity the way Omlet does. These are simply activities characterized with the Gearableextender that raise an expectation on the handheld.

Custom Layouts

Custom communication on the gearable, in the same way as the accompanying case from Textme, is clear to actualize. They have what gives off an impression of being a basic warning with an activity that permits the client to choose an emoticon. On the other hand, to demonstrate this emoticon picker, they are really issuing a notice from the gearable. The round excursion looks something like this:

  • The handheld gets another message, issues a notice setlocalonly(true), and makes an impression on the gearable utilizing the Data Layer API
  • The gearable gets that message utilizing the Gearablelistenerservice and issues a custom notice with a Pendingintent to dispatch an action when the client sees the warning
  • That action has a custom format characterized with the Gearable UI Library
  • Once the client chooses an emoticon, the gearable communicates something specific over to the handheld
  • The handheld gets that message and sends it along to the server.

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Willing to develop – iPhone App – Part 3

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iPhone_4_vector_PSD_by_unashigeSo here we are with our final part of the blog. Happy Reading.

Online iPhone App Builder

The primary thing that you have to consider when utilizing an online app builder is will it convey what your client needs? Can an online iPhone app builder offer your client everything that they require without you needing to use anyplace in the middle of £3000 and £20000 in addition, building a bespoke iPhone application!

Most online app builders permit you attempt them free of charge for either a set time or until you distribute your app.

iPhone App Download Restraints

Your iPhone application needs to be under 10mb’s whether you need clients to have the capacity to download it from their telephone through a standard association i.e. not wi-fi.

In the event that you are creating an iPhone diversion application of sorts then you are prone to head over this farthest point, however for an iPhone business application, then preferably attempt to hold it under 10mb’s

iPhone Content

If you read one bit of content in this entire record, verify you read this next part which takes a gander at iPhone app content and the significance it has in getting your iPhone application closed down by Apple.

When you begin building your iPhone application the first thing you have to acknowledge is that substance is key. We should take diversion and recreations out of the comparison for a minute on the grounds that by their exceptionally nature they are exceedingly prone to get closed down. So how about we focus on building an utility or business iPhone application.

Whatever you do, don’t build it only on the grounds that other people is. Build it because of your client. Do your clients as of now view your items online, would they say they are intrigued by your news, do they visit your site to get to substance that is not accessible somewhere else, would you be able to help your clients with an issue, would you like to figure out what your clients think? These are only a portion of the inquiries you ought to consider when building your iPhone application.

Like any advertising or specialized tool…building an iPhone application just acts as a stimulation contrivance on uncommon events. For 99% of us, it need to fill a genuine need.

What we do know however is that your clients need data, news, items or advancements in the palm of their hand and with an iPhone app you have the ideal advertising instrument from them to get to your substance and associate with your organization.

The Cost to build an iPhone Application

A bespoke app can cost anywhere in the range of £3000 to £20000 upwards. The cost of bespoke iPhone application development is diminishing as more as iPhone application engineers enter the business.

Building an iPhone app online expenses anyplace from between $10 -$100 for every month rental in the US an around £45 for every month in the UK.

Submitting your iPhone App

At the point when your iPhone app is submitted to Apple for approval you can hope to hear whether it has been approved or rejected following 1 or 2 weeks. On the off chance that it has been rejected than Apple will provide for you some evidence in the matter of what needs to be enhanced before you can submit your app once more.

You will need to work with your designer to asses and fix the issue.

I trust that you discover a percentage of the data helpful and good fortune.

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Pros and Cons of Android Smartphones

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Pros and Cons of Android SmartphonesGoogle’s Android Operating System in Mobile telephones are still generally new, notwithstanding, Android Operating System has been advancing quickly. Imagined as a counterpoint IOS, Android is a chart demonstrating a huge improvement, it positively cannot be differentiated from backings real cell telephone makers who took part to bring cellular telephone operating system Android.

Pros Android Smartphones

  • Multitasking – Yups, Android telephones can run numerous applications, it implies you can search, Facebook while listened to the melody.
  • Simplicity of Notification – Any SMS, Email, or even the most recent articles from a RSS Reader, there will dependably be a notice on the Home Screen Android telephone, don’t miss the LED marker is flickering, so you won’t miss a solitary SMS, Email or even Miscall.
  • Simple access to a great many applications by means of the Google Android App Market – When you want to introduce applications or diversions, through Google’s Android App Market, Agan can download applications for nothing. There are numerous a great many applications and amusements that are prepared for download on Android telephones You.
  • Telephone alternatives are various – Talk Android telephone, it will feel “diverse” than the IOS, if the IOS is constrained to the iphone from Apple, then Android is accessible on cell telephones from different producers, from Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC to Samsung. What’s more every handset maker likewise introduces an Android telephone in the style of every, for example, Motorola with its Motoblur, Sony Ericsson with its Timescape. So you can unreservedly pick the Android telephone as per the “brand” top choice.
  • Can introduce an altered ROM – not fulfilled by the standard perspective of Android, don’t stress there are numerous custom ROM that could be utilized as a part of your cell telephones Android.
  • Gadget – totally right, with the gadgets on the home screen, you can undoubtedly get to a mixture of settings rapidly and effortlessly.
  • Google Maniac – If you are a dedicated client of Google administrations extending from Gmail to Google Reader Android telephone has incorporated with Google benefits, so you can rapidly check email from Gmail.

Cons Android Smartphones

  • Constant Internet association – Yups, most Android telephones oblige a synchronous Internet association assumed name consistently dynamic. That implies must be arranged to subscribe Agan GPRS bundle that suits your needs.
  • Publicizing – Application in the Android telephones can undoubtedly be acquired effectively and free of charge, however the results in each of these applications, will dependably be ads on presentation, either the top or base.

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Android Lollipop: Why it’s best

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android lollipoAndroid Lollipop – the new, update from Google will release soon. After Kit Kat – Lollipop is the new OS for all Android Smartphone’s. They themselves discharged reviews for designers.

4th September 2014 Lenovo is all set for launching their new Smartphone with Andorid’s Lollipop update and handset model is Lenovo Vibe X2.

Below we are discussing some reasons that how the Lollipop is going to perform well:-

Look Changes: –

The looks and the easy to understand interface is the thing that positively makes an OS prevalent. Presently, the android lollipop has an altogether different methodology this time. It has a level foundation, however with 3d peculiarities. Indeed the most moment shadow and swells are given reasonable methodology.

It has 3d tiles that slide on each other focused around necessity. Furthermore the best part is that it has admittance for engineers to utilize this for themselves on their applications. The lollipop concentrates on uniting all your crucial gadgets. The TV, the machine, all has a striking resemblance. Furthermore an intuitive apparatus is produced so that there is no teleportation while exchanging gadgets.

Notices and lock screen:-

Android lollipop chips away at the guideline for prioritizing. Notices will be gotten just for the applications with necessity as saw by its use.

Something else about android L is that when you are playing a diversion, or utilizing another application, as opposed to strongly demonstrating the approaching calls, it reveals to you a notice asking whether you need to accept the call. This respectably diminishes undesirable aggravations.

Additionally, the lock screen has turned more intelligent, even while utilizing versatile Bluetooth gadget the client will be perceived.

Interlocking applications:-

The applications in this OS will be interlocked. Data to and fro will dependably be occurring. This is by a wide margin its coolest peculiarity. Chrome scanning has an API that different applications straightforwardly exploit, so on the off chance that you click a connection to book a table in the program, you’ll be taken to something like “Open table” specifically, instead of the portable site.

This new gimmick cooks exceptionally well to the requests and needs of the application designers. Likewise, all the installed Google applications will be a great deal more subject to each other.

Android L battery life:-

In this way, when you think about a portable, what do you search for in any case? A decent client interface (that we effectively examined) and all the more imperatively, a great battery life. Few working frameworks are committed for this area!

Venture Volta by Google is the better approach for indicating how precisely the force of a versatile is squeezing out. Mobiles running the new Android lollipop will have higher battery life.

What it does is – uncover the points of interest of battery use to the client, so you can appropriately change your use. What specific procedure it takes after is not out yet, however it does spare battery.

Battery saver mode is naturally incorporated in the telephone. The battery life might be stretched out by up to 90 min! Not precisely has the force sparing of an average HTC or Samsung telephone however.

At the same time even without battery saver, our new lollipop wins the race. In a trial performed on Nexus 5 it was observed that the model running Android lollipop has 36% more battery life than the model running the Android.

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Mobile devices have become an essential part of our day to day lives. They have come to play a vital role in undertaking our day to day activities and have almost evolved to into a ‘basic’ need with some individuals even referring to themes their ‘babies’. With the emergence of smart phones, i phones, tablets and other smart mobile devices, most of us are bound to find ourselves entangled and fascinated with the fast changing world of the mobile phone technology.

Most smart devices nowadays operate with applications which you may download free or buy from online markets. These applications have come to be fundamental and assets in our lives most of them making our daily activities easier and easier. Here a list of a few a must have mobile applications for 2013.

1. Google maps Navigation
Ever been stranded in a town, city or some foreign place and you have not the slightest clue where to begin, Google maps application is just the application to bail you out. Enables you locate surrounding areas, landmarks and areas of interests from where you are as long as you have internet connection. A new addition to the application is the turn by turn voice navigation that enables you find your directions by literally talking to your mobile device and even keeps you on target when the GPS signal drops.

2. UK Jobs
It offers free job notifications. With the economic crunches all over the world, this application comes in handy for job seekers, updating the latest jobs from the UK job sites. 

3. Skype
Now this is a really exciting application that allows you have a one on one video chat with anyone having it in their devices. It’s easy to use and have a fast connection depending on the internet connection. This application majorly facilitates long distance relationships between friends, lovers or relatives and is also used for business. 

4. Task manager
Just like a computer’s task manager, task manager app for mobile helps you manage other applications while using your phone. It indicates your active applications, and offers a service to exit any app directly from it. It also includes features for checking your mobile memory storage space and RAM usage. 

5. PlayStation Mobile
For game lovers, this application enables you easily download PlayStation content for devices that have the certified requirements. That includes devices that run Android version 2.3 and iOS version 4 and above. It enables easy mobile PlayStation support. This for all PlayStation games lovers, is a must have application.

6. Samsung Chat On
There are numerous chat applications for android, unfortunately most do not support chat with non-smart phones. The Samsung Chat On application makes it possible to chat with those with non-smart phones. It enables you chat with those who haven’t embraced the smart phone world, for instance that older relative who thinks smart phones are just too complicated to use. 

7. Viber
This exciting application enables you make internet calls. The application is really easy to use and has a fast connection. The application enables you keep in touch with friends and relatives for practically no cost at all and most use it to make overseas calls for hours on end.
These are just a few of millions of exciting and helpful applications in app markets and more are being developed on a daily basis. 


Offering Mobile Web Services: What Hosting Companies Need To Do To Get It Right?

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Offering Mobile Web Services

Offering Mobile Web Services

With the availability of technological advancements in the form of different devices offered in the market, different options are considered when it comes to using the internet. Some users use desktop platforms to view the World Wide Web. However, more advanced devices and gadgets are manufactured and a lot of consumers take advantage of the latest gadgets available in the market. Mobile devices have become advanced that they are being used for many different purposes; they can connect to the internet and they allow the users to search or buy products online. These very handy devices provide convenience for people who use the internet.

There are things to be aware of when browsing from different devices. For mobile devices, the screens are smaller compared to desktop computers and laptops. There is a service offered by hosting companies regarding mobile web. The term mobile web services define as a type of internet service to cater the needs of mobile users when using the internet through their mobile phones. This service creates attractive and efficient websites for mobile users to take advantage of, which enables the viewing of the websites through a small screen with better appearances.

A lot of internet users use mobiles for online searching or for anything related to the internet. Several users buy products through their phones. Without mobile web services, it would be annoying to browse using a mobile phone because of unorganized forms and scattered tabs. Web hosting companies offer this type of service for the businesses that want to cater customers in this category.

Mobile web services are a form of catering a wide target market classified into customers that use mobile phones. Though this service is ideally built for this purpose, there are still things to consider when providing service of this type. As for hosting companies that offer this service, they have to make sure that they know the necessary things associated with it to provide satisfaction.

What To Should Look For In A Mobile Web Hosting

There are several things that the hosting companies need to do in order to offer great mobile web hosting services. Here are some of the things they need for providing high-quality service:

  • Detect particular device used: Web hosting providers that offer services such as mobile web must focus on device detection. If they put emphasis on this concern, then they can be able to detect the version of the devices being used by different users. Businesses that want to make use of the services provided by hosting companies need effective services since they want to make sure that they attract as many customers as possible and generate profit.
  •  Content adaptation: Since there are variations of software, settings and capabilities for each model of smartphones and handsets, there will be no guarantee that the viewing of website in all variations will be done successfully. However, the concept of content adaptation is used to customize a website depending on individual device requirements. Hosting companies should include this concept when offering mobile web services.
  • Language support: Hosting companies must provide a markup language that will support web searching through mobile phones. They should include the latest markup language necessary for viewing the website successfully. The design for mobile sites is best with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Work with professionals: As hosting companies, it is necessary to get more hosting leads by doing everything with substance. Providers of web hosting will benefit from working with professionals that specialize on web hosting. You have to ensure competence in your partners. If you do not focus on getting reliable partners for hosting websites, then chances are you will lose many opportunities especially when you are working with insufficient partners. Do not work with the wrong people if you want to succeed in your hosting service.
  • Find a good communication medium: Since clients of hosting companies want to focus on catering their customers who use mobile phones, it would be wise to look for a communication medium that would help them achieve their goal of providing great-quality mobile web services. If you are hosting a website, then it would be better to take advantage of a communication medium that reaches out to a larger number of prospects.
  • Choose the right tools to deliver quality services: Results are what the clients are looking for. Businesses who want to choose a particular web host provider want to settle for the best and the best means providing overwhelming results in a positive way. You, as a hosting company should find all the necessary tools to ensure effectiveness and reliability in all the services you offer. In the case of providing mobile web services, you have to look for the right tools catering this type of service.

A mobile web technology is a type of technology that has grown in popularity now that a lot of mobile devices with internet are emerging in the market. Several small and large businesses of any type are attempting to cater a wider target market through mobile web services. For server providers or the hosting companies, they offer services that would give them better chances of attracting businesses. Since most people own mobile devices and a lot of them make use of the devices not just for calling or texting, but also for searching online and making purchases, there are considerations to take when trying to cater their needs.

Obviously, businesses want to attract as many customers possible. In order to achieve that, they need to choose one of the various web host companies to give them this kind of service. If the providers are not competent and reliable enough to provide them what they really need, then it is most likely that the businesses will change from one provider to another. Thus, it would be a threat for the providers. To avoid losing prospects, they have to find efficient solutions in providing services. There are numerous things they have to consider to offer mobile web services with high-level performance.

Though web hosting is a famous service in the online market and a lot of web host companies are offering it, not all is capable of providing great services. If they need to gain more clients, then they should focus on different things associated with mobile web hosting.

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