How To Viral Mobile Apps in Market

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Mounting the efficiency has always been the prominent concern of any business. Today the mobile app development has given the super power to this need in the hands of business leaders but yet the concern is still that that which company is the prominent one in developing an application? So the first step taken by any company is that to do research the best mobile app development company and many of the times after research as well they were not able to crack the right service partner. That’s why today in this blog we are presenting you the best researched tips for you so that you can keep in mind while deciding the app development.

List and points as below:-

  • Goals: – clearly mention your goal outside of your mobile app. For e.g. whether the app is solely for information or it is combination of sales and information both.
  • Platforms: – understanding your customers handset are the, most prominent things and for that you need to do survey that which are the prime handset has been used by your customer. So that you can identify easily that which platform you need primarily.
  • Mobile supporter: – you need to have the right person in tour team who can easily handle and prominently handle the mobile app development and share holders of the entire project as this is one of the important part.
  • Minimum feasible Product: when there are many things at times you need to focus on the important part. Plan based on definite goal and vision needs to share with the close group of users and need to filter it after taking feedback. It is best in monetary terms and time.
  • Smash it to craft it: when you start designing the road map for yur mobile app then it is very important that all your desired conceptual features should be included and functionality should be executed in phase’s bases on the organizational goals.
  • Communications:Device management, hosted services, existing services are the important concerns which should be cracked and helped by mobile app Development Company and they should will help you for same.

Although this above given information is also a part of it. There are many factors will come across if you will go by above mention points. So if you are looking for iPhone app development or iPad app development then OptiMatrix is premium mobile app Development Company. For further details connect us at


How to make a Mobile Marketing Campaign

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How to make a Mobile Marketing Campaign

How to make a Mobile Marketing Campaign

The communication channels are being revolutionized by what they call Mobile marketing, where a low budget you can get a big impact.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing are numerous and depend on the type of business, focus, etc.. It is also important that the power of loyalty can have a user directly linking the brand to the person interacting with it, creating a direct channel between the brand and the client by client applications that always brings in the Mobile.

Important Actions for Mobile Marketing

In most cases we will have to start from scratch, or design a smaller version, with brief and concise information on our website adapted to mobile, in fact exists as joomla programs that allow an export of our website to its mobile version .

This mobile version of the site must contain some highlights if you want it to be fully accessible: proper design so you can see easily in any type and brand of device, easy to navigate with your thumb and for different hand sizes, speed optimized load, especially when the terminals normally velocity is reduced. And last but not least navigation must be simple and clear search functions.

It is important to be included in Buenos Directories Online

The most important thing is to be well positioned to meet our customers quickly and easily, as occurs with normal web, trying as in any campaign that we receive many relevant links as possible. We help you in this regard, being present in sites well positioned and also if these directories are in our industry the better. Most of the time these directories are free but bear in mind that there are other very relevant payment Is it worth it?, You have to try and draw your own conclusions.

Proximity Mobile Marketing

This type of Mobile Marketing automatically searches terminals that move in their environment and are equipped with Bluetooth, communications throwing deals, movie etc…

Make SMS-MMS Campaign

This is a channel that you get a great impact since many mobile users read the message, getting a big return, of course unlike bluetooth campaigns, these customers and / or users must be discharged database in trade or establishment. The rental databases usually gives few and bad results. not a good mobile marketing friend. time these directories are free but bear in mind that there are other very relevant payment Is it worth it?, You have to try and draw your own conclusions.

The message must carry a call to action and a real value for recipients; it should not be very frequent because it would be considered as spam in addition to tire your audience. It is essential to measure the results of the various campaigns in order to keep improving and increasing their profitability.

Use QR codes in your campaigns

These are an evolution of barcodes that provide users with lots of information on any products or services through the scan from the phone.

Such applications that are installed on the Smartphone are usually free as “Qr Reader”. With them we do promotions, direct our audience to the Web, show promotional video and much more.

Use Mobile Marketing “SOLOMO”

The aim is to implement strategies tailored to different segments and targets in which mobility and location play an important value. There is that sharing these experiences on social networks, as it can be one of the favorite activities of these users, taking as an example “socialmedia influences”.

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How to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

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How to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

How to Optimize Your Mobile Marketing

Stats show that every mobile marketing campaign has the possibility of reaching up to 1.08 billion smartphone users around the world. Unless your brand has done the unthinkable by sending a message to every single one of these device owners, this can only mean one thing. There’s always room for improvement!

The potential audience attached to mobile marketing means there’s always something you can be doing to grow your opt-in list and get more people declaring their loyalty to the brand. Every week you’ll see marketing news sites packed with fresh articles detailing how a brand is using mobile advertising in a highly innovative way to attract customers. Their taglines, use of ambassadors and imagery might set them apart in some ways, but beneath this glitzy presentation is a basic strategy pulling everything together.

Here’s how big brands are reaping big rewards from their mobile activity.

QR codes

When an opted-in customer receives an SMS mobile marketing promotion, they’re often given the chance to take up the offer by simply replying ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. For those that haven’t yet contacted the brand, it’s a little harder to get involved. They were required to sign up to the mailing list online, provide their phone number, then reply to the messages. That was until QR codes replaced this lengthy process with one quick scan.

This type of matrix barcode is designed for attaching to promotional material and allows smartphone users to connect with a brand instantly – hence the full name of Quick Response Code. One scan of the small logo through phone camera sends a custom-made message back to the brand’s SMS gateway. This can display any message, from “I’d like to win hospitality tickets to the Man City v Chelsea game” or “Yes, send me SMS updates”. It’s quick, simple for both parties to use and a proven brand booster.


Ever get the feeling that character limits are holding you back? That sometimes, words on a screen just aren’t enough? Try MMS for size.

Multi-media messaging provides one of the best alternatives to outdoor advertising if you lack the necessary finance to get a campaign up and running. You can use the same ideas you had for billboard advertising but broadcast the message to your target audience instead. The picture should be striking, ideally in a way likely to spark a favourable response, while outlining what’s on offer with as few words as possible. Big image; big headline; big results.


Let’s be honest, people are less inclined to use a coupon if it comes in paper form. They don’t want to stuff their purse or wallet with these ’25p off’ tokens and may even be prepared to pay full cost for the hassle they’re worth. MMS coupons are changing this by offering coupons through smartphone technology.

The customer opens up the message to reveal the barcode. The cashier scans their phone and they’re away – 25p saved without having to carry a wad of newspaper clippings. It allows customers to make the most of the service they’ve opted into.

Regular updates

Keep a customer informed during the order process and you’re bound to increase your rates of satisfaction. Text them when you have received their order, when payment has been taken in and when it has been dispatched with a delivery time estimate. Keeping customers in the loop should generate positive word of mouth and is a sure fire wire of securing repeat business.

You don’t have to be selling anything to use this technique, either. Doctors texting appointment reminders, banks sending alerting their customers when their latest statements are ready online. Regular updates will keep your brand on the mind of the customer while acting as a virtual calendar for their small matters. Technology operating in the best interests of both parties should always be utilized.

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Offering Mobile Web Services: What Hosting Companies Need To Do To Get It Right?

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Offering Mobile Web Services

Offering Mobile Web Services

With the availability of technological advancements in the form of different devices offered in the market, different options are considered when it comes to using the internet. Some users use desktop platforms to view the World Wide Web. However, more advanced devices and gadgets are manufactured and a lot of consumers take advantage of the latest gadgets available in the market. Mobile devices have become advanced that they are being used for many different purposes; they can connect to the internet and they allow the users to search or buy products online. These very handy devices provide convenience for people who use the internet.

There are things to be aware of when browsing from different devices. For mobile devices, the screens are smaller compared to desktop computers and laptops. There is a service offered by hosting companies regarding mobile web. The term mobile web services define as a type of internet service to cater the needs of mobile users when using the internet through their mobile phones. This service creates attractive and efficient websites for mobile users to take advantage of, which enables the viewing of the websites through a small screen with better appearances.

A lot of internet users use mobiles for online searching or for anything related to the internet. Several users buy products through their phones. Without mobile web services, it would be annoying to browse using a mobile phone because of unorganized forms and scattered tabs. Web hosting companies offer this type of service for the businesses that want to cater customers in this category.

Mobile web services are a form of catering a wide target market classified into customers that use mobile phones. Though this service is ideally built for this purpose, there are still things to consider when providing service of this type. As for hosting companies that offer this service, they have to make sure that they know the necessary things associated with it to provide satisfaction.

What To Should Look For In A Mobile Web Hosting

There are several things that the hosting companies need to do in order to offer great mobile web hosting services. Here are some of the things they need for providing high-quality service:

  • Detect particular device used: Web hosting providers that offer services such as mobile web must focus on device detection. If they put emphasis on this concern, then they can be able to detect the version of the devices being used by different users. Businesses that want to make use of the services provided by hosting companies need effective services since they want to make sure that they attract as many customers as possible and generate profit.
  •  Content adaptation: Since there are variations of software, settings and capabilities for each model of smartphones and handsets, there will be no guarantee that the viewing of website in all variations will be done successfully. However, the concept of content adaptation is used to customize a website depending on individual device requirements. Hosting companies should include this concept when offering mobile web services.
  • Language support: Hosting companies must provide a markup language that will support web searching through mobile phones. They should include the latest markup language necessary for viewing the website successfully. The design for mobile sites is best with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Work with professionals: As hosting companies, it is necessary to get more hosting leads by doing everything with substance. Providers of web hosting will benefit from working with professionals that specialize on web hosting. You have to ensure competence in your partners. If you do not focus on getting reliable partners for hosting websites, then chances are you will lose many opportunities especially when you are working with insufficient partners. Do not work with the wrong people if you want to succeed in your hosting service.
  • Find a good communication medium: Since clients of hosting companies want to focus on catering their customers who use mobile phones, it would be wise to look for a communication medium that would help them achieve their goal of providing great-quality mobile web services. If you are hosting a website, then it would be better to take advantage of a communication medium that reaches out to a larger number of prospects.
  • Choose the right tools to deliver quality services: Results are what the clients are looking for. Businesses who want to choose a particular web host provider want to settle for the best and the best means providing overwhelming results in a positive way. You, as a hosting company should find all the necessary tools to ensure effectiveness and reliability in all the services you offer. In the case of providing mobile web services, you have to look for the right tools catering this type of service.

A mobile web technology is a type of technology that has grown in popularity now that a lot of mobile devices with internet are emerging in the market. Several small and large businesses of any type are attempting to cater a wider target market through mobile web services. For server providers or the hosting companies, they offer services that would give them better chances of attracting businesses. Since most people own mobile devices and a lot of them make use of the devices not just for calling or texting, but also for searching online and making purchases, there are considerations to take when trying to cater their needs.

Obviously, businesses want to attract as many customers possible. In order to achieve that, they need to choose one of the various web host companies to give them this kind of service. If the providers are not competent and reliable enough to provide them what they really need, then it is most likely that the businesses will change from one provider to another. Thus, it would be a threat for the providers. To avoid losing prospects, they have to find efficient solutions in providing services. There are numerous things they have to consider to offer mobile web services with high-level performance.

Though web hosting is a famous service in the online market and a lot of web host companies are offering it, not all is capable of providing great services. If they need to gain more clients, then they should focus on different things associated with mobile web hosting.

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RIM Assures Developers about More Tools and More Freedom

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RIM assures developers about more tools and more freedom

RIM assures developers about more tools and more freedom

A major reason for Research In Motions’ devices being better protected from things such as spy software for Blackberry devices is the covert manner in which it came to life. It was harder for hackers and attackers to develop spy software for Blackberry devices as they did not know clearly how the operating system functioned. Though that system didn’t work for too long and today Blackberry finds that it has been left behind in the very race that it started. When Microsoft made the move from the DOS system to the more GUI based Windows system it too had to face problems, some of which were computer spy software. Apple, the only other major competitor Microsoft had, also took a new start with the Mac OS X though they had problems other than computer spy software and pests of that kind. Today Blackberry is the one making the move to a newer, better operating system and while doing so it is making sure things are as comfortable as possible for the developers it has.

RIM promises that developers no longer have to sign the agreement before getting access to developer tools, or have to struggle through many of the security hurdles which were in place in the past. Rather this time around the Canadian smart phone firm states that there will be a greater degree of open source work and more openness in general to the platform. Developers can choose from a number of ways to approach the system, depending on which ever suits them best. Tools will now be handed out freely and developers can download tools themselves together with device simulators to test apps on and familiarize themselves with. These issues, among other concerns, were discussed during the Blackberry America’s Jam event with developers and other stakeholders. It seems that the new Blackberry interface as well as the environment at RIM and the style of work, will all receive some major changes.

According to officials from RIM, it is very difficult for the firm to hold on to Blackberry developers who have been working on the platform from a long a time. The fact is that these developers may not have seen these changes coming towards RIM, however how long could have Java survived? After all there is only so much that can done using that medium and smart phones and mobile devices of this day and age demand much more. As Blackberry 10 now heads towards C++ and C, seasoned Blackberry developers appear to be reluctant to go with the flow, and it is not that easy to find new developers.

At the Jam event RIM also went on to disclose many of the new additions and changes which are being made and implemented across the firm. Soon this October Blackberry’s new app store will be functional meaning that developers have an outlet specifically for their creations. Not only will there be a dedicated outlet for the apps which are made, but developers are granted even more flexibility in terms of having a number of options through which they can choose to join the Blackberry 10 workforce. There is no longer a rigid, one way system, now there will be developers working with HTML 5 together with C++ developers all together trying to create a better platform. The Blackberry 10 will stretch out to not only a much bigger consumer crowd but will also be hospitable to a much more diverse developers’ team. However RIM has not forgotten that its main focus is corporate clients and to them they will still cater in the form of even better services and apps than before.

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Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

I would like to address this issue from a more practical point of view, functional, but I think it useful to begin with a definition of “Mobile Marketing” to understand that this is “the activity engaged in design, implementation and execution of marketing activities conducted through mobile devices. ”

Concept and current framework

We are growing a completely in technological era, whose social demands require us to be in constant evolution and communication with the rest of the world. Hence, mobile devices, such as digital media small, easy to use and management that can be easily transported anywhere without electrical connection to be used, are one of the most important elements to consider when wants to enhance communication. Among these, the most important are: Mobile Phones, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), iPods, portable consoles, GPS Navigators, etc…

Mobile Marketing Trends

Today, We can say that the main actions of mobile marketing is based on the development of communication campaigns involving the transmission of SMS, MMS, including automated outbound and specific content, or promotional information through mobile devices and databases aimed at previously treated and properly systematized.

Thus, this type of campaign can claim that a particular public to participate in promotions, contests or sweepstakes, previously announced on other media, usually radio, print or television, involving its user to send multiple SMS, MMS or make phone calls to participate.

Therefore, it is the order of the day the use of mobile devices as an advertising medium by inserting advertisements or sponsorship in content distributed through this channel.

In short, today, there are four modes or forms grouping the various mobile marketing actions: messaging (SMS and MMS), mobile Internet, voice and music and applications (popularly “Apps”).

Mobile Marketing as a business tool

As we have seen, the proper use of these trends would generate new business opportunities for existing or improved. In addition, you can use at any level or type of company and for any sector.

Accepting this reality is the way forward for mobile marketing and arrived here, so we just have to recognize that a very important point will have a good mobile marketer or simply gain access to an adequate tool or system that implements our business and provide access to current and potential future customers.

We agree that-good-business opportunity could be lost for the sake of having failed to be on time at the place and right time. With mobile marketing we can get more business opportunities, increasing our profits, because it is a mass distribution that would impact a greater number of people and relatively low cost, and that would optimize our service offering quality and efficiency in less time.

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Six Key Trends for Mobile Marketing

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As is known, the rapid growth of the mobile market is one of the cornerstones for the brands with the intention of being in a place and time when consumers are.

It is estimated that 23% of consumers in the world are interested in receiving their handsets and advertising and promotions of their favorite brands that meet system needs and interests.

However, the field of mobile marketing has been little exploited by brands and estimated the investment in this area uses less than 1% of total ad spending worldwide.

For this reason we share the six key trends in digital marketing to brand the whole should pay particular attention:

1.-Mobile Social Networking

According to the study, currently 15% of mobile users accessing social networks from the same. This opens new opportunities for brands to interact with their customers and prospects from anywhere, anytime.

However, taking on the competitiveness of the marking, if brands want to capitalize on these spaces in mobile arena will have to worry about providing content that involve not only the brand and the consumer but also take into account the context in which this latter is in the time you want to connect therewith.

2.-Mobile Application Stores

Mobile applications are fundamental tool to attract new customers, make innovative marketing campaigns and optimize users’ feedback.

But these elements to obtain the desired results, it is important to focus on mobile application stores that have a good distribution and a large development community as these platforms tend to have better advertising medium, recommendations and opinions offering users.

3.-Location Services

Will be essential to provide services that offer a better customer experience based on their location, with mobile customer care, service delivery and marketing strategies can be more personalized and therefore more efficient.

The report indicates that the location is one of the trends that generate more interest among mobile users, taking into account that by the end of this year is expected to nearly 800 million users use location services worldwide.

4.-QR Codes

The quick response codes will be adopted across the board between the first two and five years, so brands should start preparing both your target audience and your team to design marketing campaigns to exploit the benefits these elements offer.

This way will be key pieces to increase brand loyalty and build a cutting-edge and innovative image thanks to quick access to information on products or services involved, as well as promotions and discounts both in and out of the outlet.

5.-Mobile Coupons

Although adoption has been slow, mobile users show a growing willingness to participate in the couponing marketing for brands which means a considerable opportunity for customer loyalty in the foreground, and to increase their sales.

In this regard it is important to think of a mobile coupon strategy that integrates multi channel actions, i.e., allowing consumers to access services and redeem coupons through any channel.

6.-Augmented Reality

This element will be critical to improve mobile user experience, as it allows combining the location and context of the same with their mobile interactions with the brand what is presented as something innovative and personalized.

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