Transition from Cost-Per-Conversion to AdWords Metrics 2.0

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cost per conversion

cost per conversion

AdWords advertisements include the use of certain metrics. Some of the most commonly used metrics by the AdWords advertisers are – Value per conversion, Cost per conversion, Conversions and CTR. By employing these metrics, you can find ads that fetch you huge traffic consisting of a large number of conversions. You can also find these ads at the minimum price, while fetching you a high level of overall revenue. Cost per conversion metric suffers from certain disadvantages, which make it ineligible t be used in certain applications. This article discusses as to why you should discontinue the use of Cost per conversion and go for AdWords metrics 2.0.

Lately, the best practices in AdWords are no longer applicable, owing to the changes made by Google and its addition of new features to AdWords. This calls for some changes in the metrics for convenience of use.

Demerits of Cost per Conversion:

The importance of Cost per conversion is far lesser than Conversion Value/Cost. Cost per conversion does not need you to have a set goal. Rather than having a goal set, it is more important that with each scale, you are having a specific margin amount. For a specific keyword, if you find the conversion value to be quite high, then you will be capable of having a higher cost per conversion, as compared to other keywords having lower value of conversion.

A good example is the companies selling wallets, luggage, backpacks and other such items. The company sells a wallet at a low cost of about $10 – $20. In order to have a ratio of revenue-to –cost as 5-1, the coat per conversion that you need to have will be around $2-$4.

However, the cost shows a good amount of rise in case of the sale of suitcases. In this case, the average sale is in the rage of $100-$200, even when the cheapest suitcases are sold. You still need to have a ratio of 5-1. So, you can opt to go for a cost of conversion of about $20-$40, which is about 10 times greater than your previous one.

Sometimes, the sales of luggage are much higher, as families mostly purchase suitcases for each and every member of the family at the same time. This may cause the order to reach about $500. In such a case, you can afford paying a high amount as cost per conversion.

Conversion value/cost allows you for setting precise, on the spot bids, which do not need any further spreadsheets, integrations or calculations. This metric is quite efficient when you use adwords scripts for managing your bid.

AdWords management:

You can enable the metric of conversion value/cost, in your campaign of AdWords. By enabling this metric in your account, you will be gaining a huge knowledge about the way of setting your bidding.

A number of new advertisers are afraid of the aspect of bid management in AdWords management. Implementation of this metric would make the aspect of bid management easier to them.


Thus, rather than using cost per conversion, it is better to go for the AdWords metrics 2.0. The bid management becomes a really easy task by doing such. 

Summary: Cost per conversion has several disadvantages. Adwords metrics 2.0 offer many benefits for bid management to the advertisers.

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5 Effective Ways To Improve Your Pay Per Click On Adwords Campaign

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5 effective ways to improve your pay per click on AdWords Campaign

5 effective ways to improve your pay per click on AdWords Campaign

If you have an account and if you are managing your advertisement account through Google AdWords pay per click campaign for preventing target users of search engines and partner sites; do you know there several ways to track and analyze them, but this can easily confuse you and will drop you in a panic situation.

To avoid such situation the only way to make it comfortable is to narrow the field to a short list of key metrics that give significant input on what works and what does not go in your pay per click campaigns.

The following 5 metrics will give you the best result with less expense. In this article we are not trying to tell you that you need to ignore other metrics but if you have limited time available these will give you a broad overview of your performance, and plot these five metrics over time will provide a concrete measurement of your success.

1. Quality scores metric

The quality score is a measure of the keywords relevance; Google ensures that whether your keywords are relevant to add to the users search:

Quality score determined by the following factors:

  • Search keyword and relevance of keyword
  • CTR of the keyword and its matching ad
  • Importance of the keyword to its ad group
  • The CTR of the URL shown in groups
  • The factor of your landing page

It’s very essential to maintain the good quality because Google always uses to determine the ranking of the ads as much as the amount of cost per click.  If you are thinking that you have almost done with details of the search for keywords, then also a low average score you get then it’s a signal that you are still missing something.

2. Click – through rate

The experts in the field say that the pay per click metric pays more attention while they are analyzing the AdWords account.

For several reasons CTR is more important, and it includes:

  • Report if your ads are not relevant to users
  • Low click through rate are the proof that your keyword and ad both are not proper and they need improvement
  • You know the fact of the CTR average rate of an ad? According to an AdWords employee its just 2%, so if you are over this percentage ratio then you are good with the pay per click campaign.

3. Conversion ratio

The conversion ratio is the other aspect which shows us that another common response about the pay per click metrics and this shows you that how many people among those who clicked on the sponsored ads, by then they complete the desired action on your landing page, regardless of whether the call to action is a purchase, subscription, or filling out a form.

The conversion rate is as important as the click-through rate – certainly do not want to pay for tons of clicks and visits if even a portion of this traffic ends with significant action. A high conversion rate means that the money you spend for the clicks return as a profit which is called ROI return on investment.

4. Cost per Conversion

This is the sign that marks the success or failure of a campaign. In other words, if you have to pay more to acquire a new customer than it actually applies to your business, then your campaign is failing: we should not expect a return on investment.

5. Meaningless expenses

The best way to reduce this following risk is smart use of negative keywords. These will allow you to reduce the traffic which is irrelevant to your business and that also which does not generate conversions. Prevent the appearance of your ads for search queries that contain that keyword.

Are you using these metrics to measure the performance of your PPC campaigns? What other metrics found particularly useful?

You have the perception that you are not making the best use Google AdWords, or maybe your country has a large room for improvement? Do not waste your time and money; trust the professionals of Secret Key, agency Google Adwords Certified Partner.

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Tips and Tricks For How Pay Per Click Programs Makes Money

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Tips and Tricks For How Pay Per Click Programs Makes Money

Tips and Tricks For How Pay Per Click Programs Makes Money

How pay per click programs makes money – Pay per click is also called as cost per click in which it is an internet advertising model used for the purpose to direct traffic to websites. And this will help to advertise the products sites when the users click on the ads in which advertisers pay the publisher.

In simple it is denoted as the amount to get an advertisement clicked is known as pay per click. And the advertisers are typically bid on the keyword phrases in which it is relevant to their target market with the help of search engines. The content sites are commonly charging a fixed price per click in which it is rather than the use of bidding system. So some of the business people aren’t known how pay per click programs makes money from their sites. Each and every time someone clicks on the link in which it takes some amount of money regarding about the sites. Generally the sites are taking some amount of money those who are all click on the sites. By this way the sites are making money for their website earns. Using the internet to advertise the products and services it is not only the extremely effective and it is very competitive. When the site is getting more traffic by click than it automatically takes the amount from the use. And there are many options are under this to getting a traffic to a website. Because of the sites are needed to get a ranking among all the sites in which it will help higher mark to the relative sites. So the people are trying to do the reaching of site among all the other sites.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of the use of this How pay per click programs make money in which it causes the problem of bidding the pages. Whether the use of this site it will get effective money for the use of pay per click on the sites. And one of the biggest advantages is the people are does not have to tweak the web pages to adjust position in the search engines.

This all is based on how much the bidding and how well the page converts during pay per click. And this PPC implements affiliate model program for link pages which provides purchase opportunities wherever the people may be surfing. Depending on the use of sites it will take money according to the terms of uses on sites.

The highest bidder gets the higher position in search results and this all takes some simple math to determine how pay per click programs make money for the related sites. Based on the position of the uses in websites it will take some more popular keywords what the people are bidding on the higher the bids tend to be. The most important thing in this How pay per click programs make money is the bid under 25 cents will be profitable and the lower can bid and retain good position the greater the return on investment (ROI). And the keyword research in the market will targeting is the best key to pay per click to make success.

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Tips to Enhance Your Google PPC Results

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ppc tips

How to make money with Google ad words and thus increase the PPC campaigns, sellers are more under pressure to deliver the positive results. The PPC campaigns depend on the following factors:

  •  Position your ad
  •  Click Through Ratio (CTR)  and
  •  Conversion rate

Finding the right balance among the conversion rate, ad position and CTR is the starting point for successful PPC advertising. Before exploring tips to help make your campaign better, come quickly to the concept of how Google displays ads in its sponsored results:

  • Keep daily budget so frequency display ad

The frequency is expressed by the number of impressions. If your daily budget is not high enough, your ad may not be shown at all times (which means it does not have enough impressions per day)

  • Ad position depends on the number of classification

Against highest rank, the higher your ad position on the page. The index number is calculated based on the following formula:  Range = Number of CPC (cost per click) x CTR (Click Through Rate) x (Ad Quality) Now we are ready to explore and put it all into practice and help PPC campaigns to improve your results:

  • Improve your ads

If your ad does not appear every time with your keyword, it may be a sign that your daily budget is not high enough. As you know, I frequently display ads is controlled by the daily budget. If you want your ad to appear more often, consider increasing your daily budget to get maximum exposure of your ad. For example, if your daily budget is $ 10.00 per day, you can set your daily budget to actual $15.00 per day to Google ad words, because their actual spending will be based on your click through rate, setting the highest daily budget allow your ad more visibility, but actual spending may still be in the desired range. However, make sure to control your advertising costs to date and if they are getting too high, lower your budget campaign.

  • Improving the delivery of ads by keyword

Each campaign can have one or more ad groups. An ad group is a group of keywords and ads that are displayed when keywords are searched in Google. The explanation is again behind the daily budget that controls a number of impressions for your campaign. These impressions are distributed among individual ad groups and even between individual keywords. Therefore, it is possible that some keywords in an ad group in particular have more impressions than others, meaning some keywords that will trigger your ad more frequently than others.  If you want to improve ads for specific keywords, you can consider splitting your keywords and creating a new keyword campaign with both lower. This should improve the frequency with which they activate their ads and also make money with Google.

  • Optimize your ad groups

As mentioned above, each campaign has one or more ad groups. Often, the impressions are not divided equally between ad groups. Therefore, it may be that some groups are more ad impressions and show your ad (s) more often than others. It is a very similar scenario as with keywords.  To improve the performance of your ad groups under-performing, you can consider creating a new campaign for them to increase the frequency in Google.

  • Analyze clicks

Make sure that the clicks are made for specific keywords targeted. If you are getting lots of clicks that are not target keywords, consider reducing the maximum CPC and / or the position of your ad, to improve your ROI. Likewise, you can increase bids for specific keywords that are performing well.

  • Optimize Your Ads

Make sure that the supply of specific keywords, interesting created ads and link to relevant content on your website. Keywords that are targeted to be elected to the target market and desired. If you do not choose wisely, misdirected and eventually spend your advertising budget. The ad that you create needs to attract the attention of your prospects. You need to communicate your unique selling feature – in other words, what makes your product or service different from others and why a visitor should visit your site. Be specific about your offer. Finally, ask them a visitors guide to the content of your website where they can access more information about the advertised offer. The landing page should also clearly state what is the next natural step to make and buy your product, download the document, register for a free trial, etc.  PPC management requires hard work and testing, but if you stick to the basics You can make money instead of losing it. Remember, the only measure that matters on the Internet is the gain obtained.

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Extra profits with paid advertising or PPC

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Some of the methods are seen but little are most recognized that according to the paid advertising clicks that occur daily when entering a website or search engine results investigate that appear next and they mention some kind of promotes the advertising sponsorship

This is an extra income for those interested can represent a livelihood distinctive pocket website owner. For this reason this tactic has positioned itself in the market as one of the most important when you begin to generate a type of profit with virtual portal.

How to use paid advertising

To do this it must be remembered that identity of website characteristics as the colors, design and text that is part of a corporate personality which we will identify with the rest of the other sponsored advertising.

For this you should know that the items or anything that represents the contents of the website must be supported and potentiated to increase traffic and thus paid advertising or PPC will have greater effectiveness in their ads.

The advantages of advertising method


The paid advertising or PPC has the advantage of saving and earning observed that if the user click the ad and they are really interested because you could win doubly so because the click is represented a monetary dividend and interest in Advertising became another visit to your ad, a sale that paid advertising or PPC provides for site administrators or Internet portals.

Another advantage is the ability to choose what is suitable and potential clients which sends the advertisement, being a potentiates free publicity that is being developed, in a nutshell is a major benefit for the purposes of their website.

A growing company

In addition to them interest to note that according to advertisement may extend to other similar markets, being helpful to the increase in the rate of money from your online community. So you should know that choosing recipients and programs responsibly and keywords that were used to achieve the desired goals with paid advertising or PPC.

The biggest advantage of handling these advertising platforms is substantially lower costs and increase profits incredibly, it is considered as one of the most lucrative businesses, that if you take the time necessary or if it is clearly the goals are to be achieved with this process.

The different methods available with these online advertising options for growth and brand positioning with respect to the other, posing as an alternative to big not only in increasing their income if no extension of your company or business.

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Latest method to improve CTR on Google Adwords

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Latest method to improve CTR

Latest method to improve CTR

The CTR is an important metric in our Google Ad words Campaigns. The initials mean CTR through Click Rate and click rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks received by an ad by the number of impressions that generated it.

This is important because a high CTR will be telling us that our ads are good, because its click rate is high, i.e., it takes few impressions of the same to get a user to click it. When do optimizations in our campaigns Google Ad words, if we increase the CTR, get more clicks, so we’ll have more chances of getting conversions on the landing destination?

The CTR is a factor that Google Adwords takes into account when assigning the level of Quality or Quality Score for keywords of our campaigns. When we do a search on Google, sponsor place give position by the allocation algorithm rankings to advertisements, and depending on a number of parameters, among which is the CTR, is assigned a position in the SERPs to each ad for each advertiser, having keywords that are related by their type of agreement with the search terms used by the user, are competing to get out in the top of the SERPs.

At the time of the sponsor positions, the algorithm assigns a Ad words Quality Score for each keyword of campaigns whose keywords are bidding for these search terms.

The CTR is a factor in calculating the level of Quality Score

How can we improve the CTR of our Google Ad words campaigns?

To improve the CTR can do several things:

  • As the CTR tells us how good they are our ads, we can test new Copy’s to attract the attention of users with good calls to action.
  • To improve CTR appropriate strategy is to look for other keywords candidates to be  negative, and add a level of campaign (to look for, you can use the  search terms Ad words and see the matching search queries in Google Analytics)
  • Using product extensions improve Ad words ad exposure and so the CTR, because more users will be attracted by the ads and will click on them.

Segmenting campaigns well with good structure will help improve CTRs

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