Importance of RSS feeds for your website

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Importance of RSS feeds for your websiteOne of the robust approaches to keep your gathering of people upgraded on the Web is through RSS syndication. Having a RSS channel offer on your site will definitely keep your gathering of people redesigned all the time.

RSS: A Short Background

RSS implies Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is a configuration that disperses Web content around the Internet. When a set of substance is put into RSS and sent to different websites or gatherings, it is known as a food. RSS channels have the capacity draw in light of a legitimate concern for unmistakable search engines and possibly, captivate with a wider set of gatherings of people.

It is a reality that each site and most online networking locales use RSS channels to appropriate their substance on the World Wide Web. Adding a RSS channel to your website will expand your perceivability and keep your online vicinity.

In what capacity can RSS syndication help my website?

Incorporating RSS syndication to your website can help you in a wide mixed bag of ways. Some time recently, just news and website locales are the main websites that have RSS syndication as a gimmick. Anyway at this moment, you can as of now add RSS channels to numerous manifestations of media including music, features and photographs. Your business can likewise utilize this strategy to extend the span of your item affirmations, press discharges, or news about your organization.

Understanding RSS Better

To do this methodology impeccably, you may include content music, pictures, features and other applicable media to your food. Syndication of RSS can likewise be finished with the assistance of RSS aggregators and substance guardians, where you can make a food focused around a particular search term.

What makes a decent syndication tool?

  • A decent syndication instrument ought to have the capacity to do the accompanying:
  • Social imparting must be coordinated to your favored RSS syndication customer
  • You ought to have the capacity to channel or minister the important food things for your site
  • The instrument must empower lining of distributed things on the website or interpersonal interaction page
  • Your site readers must have the capacity to oversee numerous bolsters or catchphrases

The Role of RSS in Search Engine Optimization

Each food is machine-decipherable, which implies that the search engine crawlers would not need to evaluate the huge purposes of your site or article. Observe that search engines love consistent and top notch content. Therefore, the ranking of your website in search engines is set higher.

In outline, RSS syndication can help your business by widening your vicinity on the World Wide Web and possibly expanding your group of onlookers.

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5 Profiles of Your Followers on Social Networks

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5 Profiles of Your Followers on Social Networks

5 Profiles of Your Followers on Social Networks

Social networks are reinventing the concept of customer service and increasingly demand as companies assume a proactive attitude towards their customers and prospects.

Discover the main profiles of followers that make up your online community by reading the following post. As social networks are gaining ground in the preferences of people to share their feelings and concerns, the task of community managers and customer service representatives becomes more complex and demanding.

Here we propose a review of the main profiles that you can find in social networks when managing your online community and some tips to provide the best answer to your needs.

The Fan

It is our great follower. A continuous fan of our brand and our product. No doubt manifest, recommending and sharing our updates with your friends and followers. For a community manager, it is the preferred profile and as such is a figurine very difficult to achieve.

Doppler Tip

It is also important to offer special discounts on your next purchase and recognize them from the rest of the community to stimulate the contagion effect. From Doppler, while were preparing the launch of the new version of our application of Email Marketing invite our fans to tell your ideas and suggestions about the service, webinars cycles and other issues. Example: The slogan was: what you’d find in Doppler 2013? The response to the call was very positive!

Silent Follower

This group is usually the largest and is the most fertile ground for our community manager. Every day hundreds or maybe thousands of people silently follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google Plus.

Doppler Tip

Try to involve them with calls to action more compelling, specific, straightforward and offers rewards to encourage their reaction.

Our recommendation is to test different tactics to see their reaction and determine which technique works best in order to make them more active followers.

The vitalization

We’re talking about a reference, an opinion leader on social networks either by popularity or stand as a specialist in a particular subject. While not always fans of our brand its influence is very valuable for companies looking to promote their products or services.

Doppler Tip

There is a possibility that some of them are willing to recommend your product or service. The ideal scenario is when they do spontaneously. Try to get their attention or engaging in a tweet mentioning or tagging a link to share on Facebook.

The Opportunist

These users are usually not real followers of your brand, and yes it is a fan but can be considered casual fans who are interested in taking advantage of every opportunity presented for a profit. It is very common to see them in contests and sweepstakes.

Doppler Tips

Analyzes the cost-benefit of each situation carefully. Defines how filled worth of such followers who bring more quantity than quality.

Examining it from another perspective, their presence does not have to be negative; you can see these followers as potential customers. It will be a challenge to involve them with your brand and may be worth!

The Troll

In the Internet environment, the troll is a character controversial and often operates in the shadows. Hiding behind virtuality, causes, uncomfortable and demands often as excessive and unjustified.

Doppler Tip

Manage with caution. Responds with confidence and seeking to provide concrete and clear answers to their “complaints”. It is very important to maintain a space for the user to comment and you should always respond respectfully and trying to find a solution. Never have to delete comments , this can be detrimental to your community and your image.

If your fan is claiming something that is right, the first step is to recognize our mistake and try to fix it ASAP. The honesty of a brand in social networks is a very important quality.

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Followerwonk tips for Web Development Company Update

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Are you looking to improve your social media integration? Utilising useful analytical tools, such as Followerwonk, is a great way to begin. In this guest post will be explaining why Followerwonk is so important for enhancing your Twitter profile. With particular reference to its search features, you’ll soon see why it is an essential tool for your marketing strategy. 

Followerwonk tips for Web Development Company Update

Followerwonk tips for Web Development Company Update

Why Would You Use Followerwonk?

Setting up a Twitter account is all well and good, but building up your profile can be a slow process. Thankfully, Followerwonk []  will not only help you streamline your tweets to the most relevant people within your industry, but also help with essential research. In this way, the tool will provide structure to your Twitter strategy – after all, with over 500 million users, the potential reach for your business could prove invaluable.

Put simply, Followerwonk is the essential tool for Twitter outreach.

InterGreater & Followerwonk

This article may sound like a product promotion for Followerwonk, but at InterGreater we have no agreed affiliation to the tool. All we can say is we have found it incredibly useful and frequently recommend our clients integrate it into their social marketing strategy. To this end, we’d like to share the knowledge we’ve learned to help budding SEOers get the most out of the tool.

How Does it Work?

Followerwonk has a number of different features which we could discuss in droves. This article will concentrate on its search tools:

  • Followerwonk basic search: on the first tab at the top of the page, you will find ‘Search Twitter Bios‘ . This works in a similar way to keyword research – simply type in a keyword which will be relevant to you and it will list all the Twitter accounts which use that term in their biography. This space is limited in the number of characters allowed, and therefore It stands to reason that for a business or individual to choose to mention this term, must mean it holds relevance for them.
  • In-depth analysis: once you’ve found a number of profiles matching your search, you can export them to a CSV*. Here you’ll be able to weed out those ‘Tweeters’ who aren’t going to help you. Perhaps you only want businesses as opposed to individuals? You’ll be able to decipher this by reading the ‘description’ column. Alternatively, you could put all the twitter URLs into Ontolo’s URL reviewer assigning each one a separate tab in your browser with just one click!

*TOP TIP: you need to be signed into SEOmoz to use this feature. With a number of benefits including indispensable page and domain rank analytics, a subscription to SEOmoz is strongly advised.

  • Tweeters with Influence : accounts are more likely to be either ‘spammy’, or have limited reach when there are more ‘following’ than ‘followers’. This is a good starting rule for finding the most influential tweeters, and the Followerwonk advanced search tool allows you to find those accounts easily – just click ‘more options’ beneath the search bar.
  • Create a List : once you’ve got your narrowed-down, relevant list of accounts, you can add them to a list. In our line of work, InterGreater often provide fresh, new blog content for businesses, in order to improve their SEO. As a case in point, we write for an online pawnbroker, borro. We have recently been writing a number of articles on assets they lend against, and one example is watches. Having found 50 or so of the most regular, influential and relevant tweeters in the world of watches, we added them to a Twitter list*. This allows us to see lots of new information which will help us write current and informative content, all in one place under one specific category – just what we are after!

TOP TIP : did you know that you don’t have to follow a profile to add it to a list? While we are proud to write for borro, we might not necessarily want to be associated with watch auctions when our main output is providing web development company. And not only do you not need to follow a user, you can also make your Twitter lists private. Alternatively, making your lists public will notify those accounts you have included, which could in turn point these influential people to your profile – a very handy association indeed!

Over to You

Now you’ve read about it, why not try it? Most of the main features are free to use and as well as the search functions we have described, there are a number of other useful tools. For example, why not try comparing your profile with a rival to see who is following them, as well as how often they are tweeting?

The more Twitter grows, the more weight Google will give to websites with high ‘social authority’ in its rankings. If you haven’t already, now is the time to promote your site through this incredibly influential social platform – and Followerwonk provides the best tool to help you do it!

Happy tweeting!

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Ed Hallinan, web-editor for digital consultancy InterGreater

How to Get Followers and Retweets When You Cast a Post

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How to Get Followers and Retweets When You Cast a Post

How to Get Followers and Retweets When You Cast a Post

Twitter is the main source of traffic for blog as well website. Almost 70% of visitors come from there. It is true that way of SEO blog should be well optimized so we are taking advantage of the full potential that we could offer search engines.

One of the keys to get followers and retweets is the quality of your content. If you work with dedication and passion will take thousands of followers to multiply your average visits via a tweet. Yet quality content guarantees you get lots of visitors on Twitter.

70% of the success post on a Twitter is promoted by title

Why are so critical titles? Blogs are not read it is scanned, a high percentage tweets are read after tetweet. These competing in the rest of the timeline to get attention. The trick is to create reusable tweets:

  • The tweet limits 120-140 characters long. For an example “RT@ tutwitter: good post”. They do not take people away who do not like automated retweet function include their own comments.
  • Invest time in creating a memorable title. The secret is to create title make comparisons and use lists.
  • The first two words are key to getting a good CTR on Twitter. According to usability studies of  our perception is limited to the first two words when analyzing texts.
  • Request retweets increases the number of considerably mentions. It’s something I’d use only in exceptional cases (eg when you need help with something) because it wears and your fans start to ignore you.
  • Change the title often time. If you realize that your tweet is ignored or if you see no click to the post. It is worth making change 30 minutes after launch the tweet. Once modified to launch test for the second time.

Seize the Twitter “prime time” for the most important tweets

Although Twitter addicts be present from rising until they sleep, there are better and worse slots to post your tweet. There are a number of applications to find the best time at the individual level. I do not use them because there is definitely the best time to do it:

  • Lanza tweets between 11-12 hours. Most of us get into Twitter when they’ve finished dinner and sit in front of the TV to relax. For India is the best time because there is a peak in the use of Twitter as leisure.
  • At 11 in the morning is the second best time to publish new posts and throw while on Twitter. The social network with Blue Bird has become a working tool that at this time has its first peak of the day.
  • At 4 pm is the third best time to post a new entry. It has become when most eating and before going into a meeting read your Twitter timeline.
  • See the Twitter primetime speaking countries. In your countries you can identify the stats in which they reside your readers. Lanza tweets to suit the best times of the most important.
  • Throw your tweet 2-3 times a day. Given that there are several peaks in the use of Twitter, it makes sense to post multiple times. Although relatively few followers see the tweet least two and three times you can change the title to avoid duplication feeling.
  • The weekend is no good time to get many visits from Twitter. Things change from 11 pm on Sunday when the community becomes to find to comment on the programs that are being tossed on TV.

Create a trusted network with other bloggers and twitterers

Growing your number of followers, retweets and blog visits accordingly grows exponentially with the quality of your connections. You are not alone on here to promote your blog. Begins To give, to receive:

  • Promote to other bloggers and twitterers. Help them to starters with Twitter and blog from time zero. The quality of the relationship will be much stronger because they remembered who helped them when nobody even knew.
  • Comment on Featured blogs in your niche. Rather than give the ball to someone’s comment on your blog and provide valuable content. Will remember you if you do it often unexpected and sometime you will mention that you exploit traffic to blog.
  • Follow people or create lists of your topic. No need to be a follower of thousands of profiles. It is enough if you identify those most suited to your own content. On the one hand you can get new followers. Also have new accounts in your timeline that you can provide quality content and generate new ideas for your own blog.
  • Seek feedback from other bloggers and receiving means with a very high probability to get a tweet. It’s something you can do in a very timely. It has to be content that the blogger to ask the opinion you really know about a subject that should interest you.

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Steps To Expand Its Network through Twitter

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Steps To Expand Its Network through Twitter

Steps To Expand Its Network through Twitter

You get on Twitter and you wonder how others are doing to have followers while you get painfully gather 15 followers. This article contributes to the Event develop its network and able to expand its network.

My first steps on Twitter

In this June 16, 2010, I decided to join the wonderful world of Twitter. I therefore join the social network. I get really happy to discover this little blue bird, I follow my first account, I post my first tweets, everything goes perfectly. After a few days on Twitter, I have this feeling that I’ve had a few days and this is more day after day … This like talking in a vacuum, to find myself in a ghost town. Nobody follows. I’m all alone in the desert and I especially feel that nobody is interested in my tweets. I then decided to investigate a little more how this social network work. I just find how to get to some interested followers, make friends, find people to talk to….

Tweed adder to build its community

During my initial research, I discovered a really great tool TweetAdder. It allows me to quickly follow new twitter profiles while maintaining the focus that I took the time to set up initially. But be careful to configure this tool wisely because the lack of quality. It can go fast and can make us look big spammers if you do not set a minimum. Please properly target you create the community that suits you.

With this software I managed to finally get my first quality followers. Profiles of interesting people who decide to follow me and be interested in what I say.

Create and manage lists with Tweetbe

That’s it I start to follow a lot of people and the flow of tweets a day is huge. I spent hours reading everything that happened during my absence but in the lot all the tweets do not interest me not. I spotted several people who share information very interesting and I do not want to miss. To not miss anything I found the solution: make lists by interest and for that I am using Tweetbe, super intuitive and practical. With this tool when I connect directly to Twitter I see its lists to be updated of what was said in my field during my absence.

The Retweets to get noticed and start a conversation

That’s it I have followers I created my lists for me to navigate. Now I’d like influential people on the network spot me, why not me followent grail and retweet me. But how headend accounts, profiles that have influential community (hundreds of followers), will be interested in me, little frog? Dialogue with those people who have more than 10,000 followers will be difficult my tweet will be lost in the numbers.

After a few retweets I am entitled to the thanks of the people much more now that me on Twitter. Some even greet me so I can engage with these people. To my surprise I see some of these large accounts that take the time to RT my own tweets (RT imagine someone who has 12,000 followers wow!)

Use the hashtag #

That’s it I’m getting a great little community that follows me and sharing information that I tweet regularly. To allow Twitter users who regularly use the search function I decided to use the hashtag in my tweets.  So at the end of each of my tweet I will use the # sign and append to a keyword, it will allow those who seek from this keyword to find my tweet and why not follow me if they find my tweets may be of interest.

That in a nutshell how I started on this vast social network that is Twitter. Should be offered daily tweets quality and show that it follows the news. Always be attentive to your community by taking the time to respond to messages that we send you and even say a simple thank you, this will prove that you read the instructions or direct messages.

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4 Steps to Optimize Your Presence on Twitter: Social Networking

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Presence on Twitter

Presence on Twitter

Companies are increasingly aware that the ways to communicate and reach potential customers, which are becoming more demanding and have more say, have changed with the advent of social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

That is why companies must properly manage their social media presence. Through social networking companies can make marketing activities, sales, public relations and customer service and among others. But most important is that you can listen to what our customers want and how they want it and this is a very important weapon that we know how to manage.

Of all the social networks we highlight twitter by faster than we can deliver content. With 140 characters can convey our message with an immediacy that is matched only by the SMS.

But not only is the message, which is a lot. Also we must take care of the image we give of our company and for this Twitter makes available a number of elements that well optimized will help us optimize our branding and happened to mention:

Fund Twitter:
It is the first component that we optimize and is very important to show our personality.

Many people think that it is important to change the background or simply put one of the templates that come into Twitter. But do you a question: Do you want to show the image of being just another company?

It’s a perfect opportunity to show others something about you or your brand personality. With a custom background your company will be unique and you difference of the rest.


The personal profiles must be clear showing all of your face so everyone can be easily recognizable in the field of Twitter. If you have a business it is best to use an image that represents your company or brand (logo)


The biography is the next item that we optimize our Twitter profile. With a phrase we describe our company, including a link to our website or blog, where visitors can learn more about who we are and what we do.

Our Tweets

We optimize our tweets. Share valuable content is essential. Verbs are the part of our discourse that generates most of the shares on Twitter.

Do not just tweet during the week but also we have to do on the weekends because Saturdays and Sundays are conducive to engaging people through tweets.

We must ensure that our updates also include links to landing pages. This way we can generate leads on Twitter and social media in our efforts will have a direct impact on generating leads.

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5 Questions to Evaluate Your Use Twitter

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5 Questions to Evaluate Your Use Twitter

5 Questions to Evaluate Your Use Twitter

One of the most repeated questions by almost everyone who dwells Twitter is, how do you know if I’m making good use of the tool? And not only have the directors often made marketing campaigns or Community Managers, but any normal user. Today through five simple questions and some other application we will get evaluate our good or bad use of Twitter.

Have a biography?
Six in ten Twitter users still do not have a biography on their profile. This might go unnoticed but a user with a complete biography and attractive can have eight times more followers than someone who does not. If you do not have a biography yet, stop reading this article and create it now.

Have photo on your profile?

It seems surprising but a user with pictures can come to have ten times more followers than someone who does not. The reasons seem clear; everyone wants to see the physical aspect of his followers. If you are a company, icons or logos in the same time do not help to have them in their profile picture, looking for a funny picture associated with your company and see how quickly the results notes.

Do you participate in the talks?

It means that if you do on Twitter to read tweets from other misuse doing but certainly not this full advantage of this social network.  Participate, discuss and why not discuss are some great options offered by the network social 140 characters. If your profile is a company devoted to conversation with your customers or those potential customers is essential to increase your visibility.

Your tweets Programs?

The vast majority of people use Twitter at certain times of the day and when they concentrate most of their messages, which can be very interesting but perhaps scheduling tweets can have those same customers or friends much more aware and attentive to your profile.

You control your followers??
The question may seem strange but it is very important to keep your followers controlled and not followers and they perform actions on your tweets, retweets e.g. they do, that links prick, which makes messages that has tag favorites or participate of those offer.

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