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October 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

What is Typography ? It is nothing but the font styling done that makes it interesting while its appearance. This is a technique used by web designers to make the website or application more interesting.

For example,  they can use it which way they wanted to create logos, writing a title or text and etc.

Here are few example to have a more clear picture of its meaning. Below are the logos designed for its respective websites in a very creative way. It is itself symbolizing the word meaning with a pictorial view.

Typography_Art     Typography_Art_2      Typography_Art_3

However it is not considered s one of the most important element to be included while the development procedure , but it surely adds a star level if implemented.

Moreover, talking about the basic typography terms for the recent newsletters as well as responsive websites there has been few things noted from how this has been used into the current times, the below points are concluded.

  • Sans -serif/ Serif is the most used font for initial headings as well as body text .
  • Sans-serif is comparatively more used in body then header.
  • Times new romen which was the basic font previously has been replaced by the font Helvetica.


After the study, we suggest few of tips that need to followed so that to enhance typographic art.

  • For desktop, it is better to go by choosing big size fonts.
  • Other important case is to understand the point of viewing distance. We need to take care for responsive devices for the font size as the the fonts might not be viewed from the same distance.
  • Also, other point is to make sure for the content should not have mixed variety of fonts.
  • Typos and spacing issues would be a great fault to be figured out in website content.


For web designers, Your choice of typeface and how you make it work with your layout,  colour scheme, design theme and patterns and etc. will make the difference between  a good, bad and great design.



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