Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile in 7 Easy Steps

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Last time we have published about Facebook and Twitter marketing strategies. There is one more social website which is used as professional way to communicate. It is a business-oriented social networking service which is being used by most of the corporates.

In today’s competitive world, it is necessary to be ahead of your competitors and a professional LinkedIn profile is one of those ways to keep ahead. Today we have brought 7 easy steps by following which, you can build a perfect profile which will ensure you fully maximize networking and job/employee searches.

1.    Profile Blueprint

There are more than 350 million professionals on LinkedIn. You need to pay great attention to creating a profile to stand out. Get yourself a professional photographer and get some professional pictures of yourself.You also need to fill every section of profile very carefully like name, headline, summary and background. Then you must add your experience and projects which you have done.

2.    Image Sizes

You should get your image size right to maximize your presence. Make sure to follow the specifications that LinkedIn has given in taking optimal images.

  • Personal Background: 1400 x 425
  • Profile Photo: 400 x 400
  • Career Page Photo: 970 x 240
  • Banner Image: 646 x 220

3.    Outreach for Recommendations

Recommendations add more creditability to your experience and work history. A solid combination of recommendations and skill endorsements can go a long way to successful interactions.

4.    Hidden LinkedIn Features

You may not be familiar with some of the hidden LinkedIn features like message, joining groups, taking notes, showing SlideShare presentations, showcase page etc. Use these features to stand out.

5.    Search Engine Optimization

You can optimize your profile by using LinkedIn’s inbuilt options. Go for optimized titles for job titles, add link back to your social and web properties, and customize your URL which is SEO friendly. These small things will make a huge difference.

6.    Be Active on LinkedIn Every Day

To become a LinkedIn master, you should be a good steward to your network by sharing your advice, providing values, and connecting your network leads. Here are some tips which you can implement right away:

  • Organize bit cards, LinkedIn info & notes in one place
  • Join and be active on groups
  • Turn off your activity broadcasts to hide yourself from your boss
  • Send a thank you message when someone is endorsing you
  • Add a short video about your company to your profile

7.    Secure Your Profile

It is important to make sure you know all of the ways to keep your personal LinkedIn account information private with news of so many high-profile data breaches. You can enable 2-factor authentication so that your account can be safe from being hijacked.

In addition to these 7 tips, I would also recommend you to enable premium edition of LinkedIn profile. It will provide you with much more features and visibility within networks. I hope with the above article, you will be able to build a professional profile and get a good job.


Top 7 reasons to convert your HTML website into WordPress

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html to wordpress
Word press has spread wings far in online world today. Over the years it is grown as a matured website development solution. As WordPress has spread its wing all over and today the web developers first preference has become WordPress rather than HTML. Today in this blog we are going to discuss top 7 reasons to convert your HTML website into WordPress.

  1. Dynamic performance – HTML has limited features and have site loaded, but WordPress is totally opposite from it, it provide you the dynamic features and extraordinary designs.
  2. Easy editing platforms – HTML involves complex coding but now it is little more advanced, but you need to deal with it fairly and properly with its editing software’s such as Dreamweaver and so on… which take years for one to become a master. On the other hand it is opposite in WordPress because it is powered by WYSIWYG editor and it is surprisingly fact that even a beginner can edit easily.
  3. Scalable CMS – it is essential to update your website regularly, especially when you owe an ecommerce website because it is very important to add new pages, testimonials and many more frequently. This all things become hassle free if you have used WordPress platform. Right WordPress Development Company will suggest you the same for your ecommerce web development.
  4. Unique and interactive Website – you can easily update and modify the WordPress site no matter how huge your website is as compared to HTML. If you have HTML website then the code becomes more difficult to handle as the size of website grows.
  5. Ease to add links – when you prefer WordPress platform for your website, then it’s all about user comfort and less errors. In WordPress links get updated automatically when post or page is been deleted. This is one step ahead to reduce 404 errors.
  6. Plug-in and Extensions – isn’t it wonderful that you receive the pre created functionalities which you can apply easily without any coding? WordPress allows you the same. You need not to write and code for each features you want to add on your website. Ready plug-in and extensions are available in the market for free (such as Face book, Twitter etc.)Which you can integrate directly.
  7. Additional benefits – WordPress offers you the dynamic, rich and responsive options for website. You can easily download themes along with social media plug-in and make your site SEO friendly. Another additional benefit is that you can integrate shopping cart.

If you are looking for Website Developing Company then you are at the right place, At OptiMatrix we have completed numerous project using WordPress. Our web developers are skilled to provide you the Customized WordPress Website. Contact us today for converting your website from HTML to WordPress.

OptiMatrix is participate in Vibrant Saurashtra Expo & Summit 2016

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With the great vision of Honorable PM Narendra Modi of inclusive development through huge events like Vibrant Gujarat Summit, Vibrant Saurashtra Expo & Summit 2016 has kick started from today which is expected to host over 4000 companies from India and other countries. This summit is going to be organized from 8th January, 2016 to 10th January, 2016.

Along with the exhibitors from more than 10 countries, OptiMatrix is also participating in the VSES 2016. Here exhibitors are expected to showcase their expertise in various sectors like handicraft, timber and wood, tourism, textiles, plastic and petro based industry, rubber, metal, mining and minerals, marine salvage, manufacturing, gems and jewelry, food processing, fishing products, energy, engineering, cement, chemical industry, ceramic, apparel, agro industry, and agriculture.

Vibrant Saurashtra Expo and Summit 2016 will be highlighting on following key development areas:

  • Exhibition of more than 4000 companies
  • Summit
  • B2B meet
  • Sectorial and Country Seminar
  • Networking Dinner
  • Awards Night
  • Video Conferencing with Foreign Companies

With the prime focus of inclusive development, we believe that VSES 2016 is an ideal convergence for us to showcase our strengths, felicitate knowledge dissemination, and highlight our business opportunities in front of all. With this attractive opportunity to understand the real potential of us, we at OptiMatrix aim to exhibit our expertise in website development, software development, mobile apps development and other fields like SEO, social media marketing and different frameworks.

Having years of experience in different IT fields, OptiMatrix experts are dedicated to provide our clients with relevant services that meet their objectives, needs and constraints. With principles such as quality, responsiveness, availability, pro-activity and consulting, we believe to beat the best in this sector. With our slogan “Turns Idea into Reality”, we aim to have something for everyone.

With all these positive thoughts, we are inviting all of you to visit our booth number 6 at Hall – B1, Race Course Ground, Sadar Rajkot. Looking forward to see you all with the hope to showcase something unique.


How To Viral Mobile Apps in Market

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Mounting the efficiency has always been the prominent concern of any business. Today the mobile app development has given the super power to this need in the hands of business leaders but yet the concern is still that that which company is the prominent one in developing an application? So the first step taken by any company is that to do research the best mobile app development company and many of the times after research as well they were not able to crack the right service partner. That’s why today in this blog we are presenting you the best researched tips for you so that you can keep in mind while deciding the app development.

List and points as below:-

  • Goals: – clearly mention your goal outside of your mobile app. For e.g. whether the app is solely for information or it is combination of sales and information both.
  • Platforms: – understanding your customers handset are the, most prominent things and for that you need to do survey that which are the prime handset has been used by your customer. So that you can identify easily that which platform you need primarily.
  • Mobile supporter: – you need to have the right person in tour team who can easily handle and prominently handle the mobile app development and share holders of the entire project as this is one of the important part.
  • Minimum feasible Product: when there are many things at times you need to focus on the important part. Plan based on definite goal and vision needs to share with the close group of users and need to filter it after taking feedback. It is best in monetary terms and time.
  • Smash it to craft it: when you start designing the road map for yur mobile app then it is very important that all your desired conceptual features should be included and functionality should be executed in phase’s bases on the organizational goals.
  • Communications:Device management, hosted services, existing services are the important concerns which should be cracked and helped by mobile app Development Company and they should will help you for same.

Although this above given information is also a part of it. There are many factors will come across if you will go by above mention points. So if you are looking for iPhone app development or iPad app development then OptiMatrix is premium mobile app Development Company. For further details connect us at

What role does Web Application plays in today’s Business?

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OptiMatrix is one of the leading web application development company in India. Web applications have taken a place of traditional methods of business.

You can easily promote your business, get your customers more easily and gain profit. Everything has become so easy because of sharing tings on web by application.

No matter you are into any business, a web app is must. Now, It is necessary to stand against in online world. Mobile, Laptops, Internet are the only thing people are surrounded by in there world. All this is done quickly online by just one click.

These are the way to reach to your customers.Growth in terms of interacting with your users, keeping them updatedwith your product well these are only possible when you have web application.

Web application are the best way to lead in fastest way on web. What you need to do is simple Target numerous clientele and customers at a time is now no longer a major concern now.

Organizations are rapidly embracing these by building the web apps so as to meet what there business is demanding. Web application actually way down the efforts in the business and helps in the productivity with maximum quality results.

Here are the key roles of web application in terms of planning today’s business.

  1. It does matter how you promote your web application

It actually doesn’t matter if it’s an android application development or any other. Does not matter much. Distribution of the product knowledge can be increased through this.  We can say that at that time only the popularity of the organization gets boosted up

  1. You obviously require a proper customer support.

Web applications also provide options for an enhanced customer support. It the application is actually nice it automatically becomes the first line of contact between potential customers and the business.

  1. You should know how to beat against the cutting edge competition.

It is as such that now the business has become so much competitive, we are bending towards to have a web application to lead our self on top.

Building our path towards success

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Going through recent development analysis, E commerce development is most risky aspect to be considered.

Thus those businesses runs successfully where we meet up the maximum expectation from client and requirements understands their needs provide them with creative website designs and create their brand value without compromising on their clients   standards  and specifications.

OptiMatrix, a Website Development company in India also provides one of its service asEcommerce Website Designing.

We are a team of expertise group and have created landmarks to sustain our business.

We are ultimate in consultation, having skills in diversity and adaptability to meet client expectations with great strengths.

We can define that we are the best example to deliver various technologies at OptiMatrix.

As we have a variety of services for our clients to choose from.

Services We Offer:

  • Website development with latest technologies
  • Website design
  • Working on Open Source platform
  • Mobile application development for android, iOS,windows.
  • Online Website promotions
  • Digital Marketing
  • Print media

Our Vision:

We at OptiMatrix, provides you quality services, where nothing is impossible to achieve.

We have always focused on our client’shappiness. Visit us to meet exact e-commerce website requirement with a number of elegant features, and, making online business experience more convenient by offering users an ultimate shopping experience with brilliant beautifully designed ecommerce sites and templates


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website-designWeb development process has gained a lot of popularity in today’s era, due to its increasing benefits and effectiveness.

It is the process of developing most unique and innovative websites, for varied uses and functions, to serve customers. It provides prompt results, and helps you in building strong customer base, and identity online.

By choosing the professional website designing companies, you can easily add all your business specialities, services etc., for highlighting your business, in from of your worldwide customers.

One of such companies is Optimatrix, having a huge experience in offering best online custom websites in India, and gaining lot of customer loyalty.

Uniqueness of Optimatrix:

  • Well skilled team of professionals, who can easily understand your business strength, and can highlight it in the systematic way.
  • Have miscellaneous followers and viewers on social media like twitter, Facebook etc., who motivates to be better all the times.
  • Have acquired updated knowledge on modem tools, used for designing in different platforms.
  • Provides cross functionality to your websites, so that these can run on various platforms.
  • Design websites using the best user interfaces and graphics.
  • Uses SEO mechanism for uplifting your website, and placing it in the top position, among different search engines.
  • Develops user friendly websites, without any errors.
  • Always ready to update your websites as per the need.
  • Offers ongoing support and needed promotion, for your websites in social media.
  • Develops websites within needed time period, in most inexpensive way.

You cannot get more than these benefits anywhere.

So, contact us for developing any type of business websites, E – commerce websites, most efficiently.

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